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Surface Finishing at Beska

Why Choose Beska for Surface Finish?

Surface finishing plays a role in making the surface of the finished components with a more ideal performance. At Beska, there is a suite of surface finishes to improve the durability, anti-corrosion, conductivity, and hardness of the parts. It concludes with anodizing, painting, sand&polishing, metalizing, powder coating, blackening, bead blasting, silk-screen, pad printing, laser engraving, etc.

We are a one-stop manufacturing service supplier in China. You can send any requirements on surface finishing and manufacturing to us. Our professional and well-skilled staff will do it accordingly until the components are well done. We are willing to support you from one-off to mass production projects.

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Before surface finishing, we generally need to confirm the color style with the customer in advance. A mismatch of colors can result in the final performance of the entire part. By using a spectrophotometer, it helps our team to color match according to the Pantone number and your specific requirements.

Anodizing-Surface Finish

Being a popular surface finish for the metal parts, anodizing improves the anti-corrosion, resistence, and conductivity of parts. The Beska team often applies anodized type 2 for the parts. You can send us swatches and we will dye the parts accordingly.


Painting makes the finished components with a better performance and durability. The colors we provide are matte/satin/high gloss/semi-gloss/texture/soft touch.


Metal Machined Samples

After machining, tool marks are inevitably left on the surface of the part. Sanding and Polishing are normally applied to make the surface of the finished parts with a smooth and shiny look.


Metallizing-Surface Treatment

It is a technique of adding a metal layer on the components to protect them. The common metals for metallizing are zinc, chrome, nickel, aluminum, bronze, etc.


Bead Blasting-Surface Treatment

It sprays the abrasive media on the surface of the metal components. Bead blasting is a preparation processing for other surface finishes(anodizng and electroplating). It cleans the part and gives it a unique texture.

Powder Coating-Surface Treatment

Powder coating is a cost-effective surface finish to protect the surface of the metal components from scraches and corrosion. It has a wide application for the parts of automotive and home-appliance.

Blackening-Surface Treatment

Blackening is a surface treatment to protect the metal parts by black oxide coating. One of the pros of blackening is that you can get the blackened metal parts with lower cost without affecting their accuracy.

Other Surface Treatments

Need custom symbols/marks/logos on the surface the parts? There is a suite of ways to acheive it for you: silk-screen, pad printing, laser engraving, water transfer, etc.

What Is the Purpose of Surface Finishing?

We apply surface finishing to protect the surface from scratches and corrosion. Alongside that, some of the surface finishes will increase the performance, conductivity, and hardness of the finished components. We will choose a surface finish for the finished components according to your requirements.

Will the Surface Treatment Affect the Tolerance of the Parts?

Yes, the surface treatment will.

What Finishes Can Be Applied to CNC Machined Parts?

There is an array of surface finishes for CNC machined parts. For example, anodizing, blackening, passivation, electroplating, powder coating, bead blasting, sand&polishing, metalizing, etc. If you are not sure about which surface finish is suitable for your project, the Beska team is willing to give you a professional guide.

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