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Sheet metal fabrication has been an important manufacturing method in current society. It has a broad application in almost every field. At Beska, we are confident to offer you a custom sheet metal fabrication from 1 prototype to 10000+ pieces. The common materials available for sheet metal fabrication are stainless steel, hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel, aluminum, and copper. Here is a brief introduction to their properties, advantages, and applications. If you need any guidance on the material selection and engineering solution, the Beska team is always willing to assist you.

  • Aluminum Sheet Metal Material


In sheet metal fabrication, aluminum is a material of excellent strength-weight ratio.

The advantages of aluminum sheet metal fabrication:
• Light-weight;
• Flexible;
• Versatile;
• Cost-effective;
• Lower melting point;
• Superior finish.

The applications of aluminum sheet metal fabrication are household appliances, automobile bodies, aircraft sensors, medical equipment, panels, framing, etc.


Stainless Steel

In addition to being very popular in CNC machining, stainless steel is also one of the most common materials in sheet metal machining.

The benefits of stainless steel in sheet metal fabrication are as follows:

  • Machinability;
  • Temperature resistance;
  • Anti-corrosion;
  • Sustainable;

Stainless steel 301/304/316 is commonly used for sheet metal fabrication. The applications of stainless steel parts are enclosures, auto bodies, kitchen sinks, structural parts, etc.

  • Stainless Steel Material for Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Hot-rolled Steel Sheet Metal Material

Hot-rolled Steel

Hot-rolled steel is a common sheet metal fabrication material with lower cost and better workability. And if you require a material with not that tight tolerance, it will a good choice.

The advantages of hot-rolled steel are:

  • Economical;
  • Machinability;
  • Heat-resistant;

The applications of hot-rolled steel sheet metal fabrication are truck frames, construction parts, pipes, chassis parts, etc.


Cold-rolled Steel

Compared to hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel is of more strength and hardness.

The advantages of cold-rolled steel sheet metal fabrication:

  • Accurate;
  • Fewer surface imperfections;
  • Strength.

The applications of cold-rolled steel sheet metal fabrication are rods, strips, home-appliance structures, etc.




  • Cold-rolled Steel Sheet Metal Material
  • Copper Sheet Metal Material


Copper is a superior material used for sheet metal fabrication for its excellent ductility and electrical conductivity. That’s why it has various applications in the industries of automotive and aerospace.

  • Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity;
  • Ductility;
  • Malleability;
  • Slow corrosion rate.

The common applications of copper sheet metal parts are fixtures, fitting, heat exchangers, straps, etc.

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