Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • From prototyping to mass production;
  • High-precision Manufacturing with tolerance within ±0.008mm;
  • A fast turnaround within 7 days.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Service

The Beska team is a custom sheet metal fabrication service supplier. We utilize a series of sheet metal fabrication techniques including blanking, punching, cutting, and welding. We are proud that we are capable of supplying the custom sheet metal forming service to you.

A Series of Sheet Metal Fabrication Techniques

Blanking&Piercing-Sheet Metal Fabrication

Blanking and piercing are used to process metal raw materials. Blanking refers to placing the sheet metal into the press to produce small pieces of metal.

Punching-Sheet Metal Fabrication

Punching is vital in processing sheet metal fabrication. After punching, the metal scraps will be removed by the punch and there are several holes with specific shapes left.

Bending-Sheet Metal Fabrication

It uses the bending machine to bend the metal components by the pressure between the top tool and die. The machines we often use include manual press brake and semi-automated panel bending machines.

Cutting-Sheet Metal Fabrication

Laser cutting is one of the most high-precision sheets metal fabrication techniques. Beska chooses laser cutting to cut the metal materials to create high-precision metal components according to the program.

Welding-Sheet Metal Fabrication

Welding refers to applying the heat/pressure to join the 2+ pieces of metal parts. At Ruitai, we apply the robotic arms to weld the sheet metal components to improve the efficiency of welding.

Powder coating is one of the most popular surface finishes for sheet metal post-treatments. Other surface finishes available are anodizing, bead blasting, electroplating, etc.

Why Should You Choose Beska for Sheet Metal Fabrication?

  • Custom

Beska is a custom sheet metal fabrication manufacturer in China. There is a wide range of options for you from the material, quantity, and tolerance to surface finish. You can send any of your requirements to us and we do it for you accordingly.

  • Well-experienced;

The Beska team has extensive experience in cooperating with various companies from automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods to home appliances.

  • Fast turnaround;

The Beska team is capable of supporting your sheet metal components from low-volume to mass production. The lead-time can be as short as one week.


Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

What Is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

The sheet metal fabrication process covers a range of techniques including cutting, stamping, bending and welding. The materials to be processed are flat, ductile metal sheets. We can apply them to create functional metal parts and assemblies of any design and size.

There are many kinds of sheet metal materials: aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, copper, etc. Depending on the field of application, we will choose different metal materials for you.

Quality Control

Quality Control for Sheet Metal Fabrication

To create components exceeding your expectation, Beska always puts the quality of components first.

Quality Control for Precision Sheet Metal Parts

The Beska team is capable of supporting your sheet metal components from low-volume to mass production. The lead-time can be as short as one week.


What Are the Advantages and Applications of Sheet Metal Fabrication?

The advantages of sheet metal fabrication are as follows:

  • Durable. The raw materials of sheet metal fabrication are durable to bear high pressure.
  • Cost-effective. Sheet metal fabrication produces high-quality metal parts at a lower cost. That’s why so many companies will consider it as their first manufacturing choice.
  • Anti-corrosion. Metal materials used for sheet metal processing generally have high anti-corrosion properties.
  • Repairable. If there is any problem with sheet metal products, we can find them quickly, and carry out a single overhaul directly without disassembly.
  • Malleable. It is a vital requirement of sheet metal processing for all materials. Because of their malleability, sheet metal can be shaped into any shape and size.
  • Multiple options. There are a variety of options on surface finish and material. The surface finishes for sheet metal fabrication parts are plating, powder coating, anodizing, etc. The materials available are aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and so on.
  • Recyclable. Most materials suitable for sheet metal processing have a high recovery rate.

The sheet metal fabrication parts have wide applications among the companies of automotive, aerospace, and electronics. The applications of sheet metal fabrication are structural frames, automobile enclosures, brackets, housings, panels, chassis, etc.

Sheet Metal Fabrication




What Is the Tolerance for Sheet Metal Fabrication?

The general tolerance that we can achieve is around ±0.008mm.

Do You Have Any Quality Certifications?

Yes, we are a certified manufacturing supplier with ISO9001:2015 and SGS.

What Sheet Metal Manufacturing Services Do You Offer?

There is an array of sheet metal manufacturing services that we provide: blanking, piercing, punching, bending, cutting, welding, etc. The Beska team is glad to support your sheet metal fabrication from design analyzing to actual metal components.

What Tools Are Used for Checking the Quality of the Finished Sheet Metal Components?

At Beska, there is a list of tools to check Caliper vernier, CMM, height gauge, tap gauge, pin gauge, micrometer, projector, roughness tester, etc.

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