Top 7 Sheet Metal Fabrication Companies

Are you tirelessly searching for a “sheet metal fabrication company near me” that excels in quality and reliability? Identifying a trustworthy company can significantly impact your project’s efficiency and quality.

Our insights are drawn from extensive research and direct interactions with industry leaders, making us a credible source for guiding your decisions.

After evaluating 7 prominent manufacturers, Beska stood out as the premier choice for comprehensive metal fabrication services.

In this guide, you will discover detailed profiles of the top seven companies, their specialized capabilities, industry reputation, and how they can meet your business needs.

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1. Proto Labs, Inc. – Best for High-End Brands

Country & City: Maple Plain, Minnesota, USA

Established Date: 1999

Proto Labs stands out as a premier digital manufacturing source, renowned for its rapid prototyping and on-demand production. With state-of-the-art automated systems, they provide high-quality parts in plastics, metals, and silicones that meet stringent commercial standards. Their commitment to accelerating market speed and handling demand volatility is unmatched in the industry.

Key Services: Sheet Metal Fabrication and CNC Machining Services

Take Away Note:

Proto Labs is ideal for businesses that demand top-quality and speedy production cycles. You guessed it— quality like this doesn’t come cheap. However, their services may come at a premium, not aligning with all budget expectations.

2. Noble Smart Manufacturing – Best for Innovation

Country & City: Guangdong, China

Established Date: 2012

Noble Smart Manufacturing, a leader in smart manufacturing and care products, is distinguished by its award-winning Sino-British partnership. Specializing in complete industrial chain support, they caters to sectors from intelligent care to commercial spacecraft, ensuring robust project support. Their adherence to ISO9001-2015 and ISO13485-2016 standards underscores their commitment to quality and innovation.

Key Services: CNC Machining and 3D Printing Services

Take Away Note:

Noble is suited for forward-thinking companies seeking innovative manufacturing solutions. Now, this is important, while their expansive scope is commendable, it may not fully address the specific demands of specialized markets.

3. Beska – Best for Overall

Country & City: 30 N Gould St Ste N, Sheridan, WY 82801

Established Date: n/a

Beska excels in providing CNC machining manufacturing services tailored to a broad range of industries including automotive and aerospace. They are committed to delivering superior quality components globally, ensuring client projects are successful regardless of the industry sector.

Key Services: Metal Fabrication and Injection Molding

Take Away Note:

Beska is perfect for companies across various sectors looking for dependable and high-quality CNC machining services. And the best part is, they are particularly effective in turning complex designs into reality.

4. All Metals Fabricating – Best for Comprehensive Manufacturing Solutions

Country & City: Texas, USA

Established Date: 1953

All Metals Fabricating is recognized as a versatile contract manufacturer, specializing in everything from sheet metal fabricating to electromechanical assembly. The company prioritizes exceeding customer expectations through innovative solutions and meticulous attention to detail. With a robust commitment to quality and customer service, they has positioned itself as a reliable partner in the metal fabrication industry.

Key Services: CNC Machining and Laser Cutting

Take Away Note:

All Metals Fabricating is highly suitable for businesses seeking a versatile partner capable of managing diverse production requirements. But keep in mind that smaller enterprises might find their extensive setup more than what’s typically necessary.

5. ABC Sheet Metal – Best for Legacy Expertise in Metal Fabrication

Country & City: Anaheim, California, USA

Established Date: 1870

ABC Sheet Metal has evolved from a local tinsmith shop to a cutting-edge sheet metal fabrication service utilizing state-of-the-art equipment like water jets and lasers. With over 150 years of history, they have deep roots in the industry and a commitment to modern technology and certified welding services. Their longstanding expertise and convenient location underscore their reliability and dedication to quality.

Key Services: CNC Machining and Welding services

Take Away Note:

ABC Sheet Metal is ideal for companies that appreciate a rich heritage blended with modern capabilities. You must be wondering what the catch is, right? Well, businesses seeking ultra-modern innovation might find their traditional approaches a bit limiting.

6. Supro Manufacturing Group – Best for Customized Sheet Metal Products

Country & City: Shanghai, China

Established Date: 2006

Supro Manufacturing Group specializes in digital and intelligent manufacturing for custom sheet metal products. They are committed to high standards, adhering strictly to ISO9001-2015, and serve a global clientele with innovative solutions in product design and manufacturing. Their turnkey services from design through assembly are tailored to meet the most demanding specifications.

Key Services: Sheet Metal Fabrication and Stamping Services

Take Away Note:

Supro is the go-to manufacturer for businesses needing bespoke metal fabrications and large-scale production. But wait, there’s more to consider, smaller entities requiring more standard, off-the-shelf products may find their customized approach less aligned with their needs.

7. PEKO Precision Products – Best for Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

Country & City: New York, USA

Established Date: 1966

PEKO Precision Products has grown from a precision tool fabricator to a comprehensive contract manufacturer offering technology development and product commercialization. Operating across 9 state-of-the-art facilities in Rochester, they are strategically placed in a key manufacturing region, offering extensive services under one roof. Their non-union workforce is dedicated to providing exceptional contract manufacturing services.

Key Services: Sheet Metal Fabrication and Contract Manufacturing

Take Away Note:

PEKO is ideally suited for large tech companies and startups needing end-to-end manufacturing solutions. You might be thinking, what about smaller needs? Well, businesses looking for more basic or less extensive manufacturing services might find their offerings too advanced and expansive for their needs.

4 Tips to Consider When Choosing Sheet Metal Fabrication Company

LinkedIn data indicates that the global market for Sheet Metal Fabrication Services was valued at USD 17690.48 million in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.57% by 2028. This growth trajectory underscores the importance of selecting the right sheet metal fabrication company to enhance project success and efficiency. Here are 4 tips to consider when selecting a manufacturer:

  • Laser and Waterjet Cutting Proficiency: Choose companies that specialize in advanced cutting technologies such as laser and waterjet. These methods are crucial for producing high-precision cuts and intricate designs, essential for complex fabrication projects. For instance, if your project requires detailed metal components with tight tolerances, a company skilled in these techniques will deliver superior results.

Here’s a table summarizing the key considerations for selecting companies specializing in laser and waterjet cutting technologies:

Company Name Location Cutting Technology Industry Focus Notable Projects
PrecisionCut Solutions Chicago, IL Laser Cutting Automotive, Aerospace Custom metal components for aerospace
AquaJet Tech Los Angeles, CA Waterjet Cutting Marine, Industrial Intricate ship hull fabrications
LaserCraft Industries New York, NY Laser & Waterjet Electronics, Medical High-precision medical device components
CutMaster Pro Houston, TX Laser Cutting Construction, Heavy Machinery Structural steel beams for skyscrapers
AquaSlice Seattle, WA Waterjet Cutting Architecture, Art Detailed art installations in public spaces


  • CNC Machining Technology: Evaluate companies that utilize the latest CNC machining technology. Here’s the interesting part, CNC machines offer precise control over fabrication processes, making it possible to produce complex shapes and fine details with high repeatability.
  • Automated Quality Inspection Techniques: Identify manufacturers that employ advanced, automated inspection technologies throughout the fabrication process. Automated inspections help maintain high standards of quality by consistently checking for defects and ensuring products meet specifications.
  • Large-Scale Orders of Over 10,000 Units: Focus on companies that can efficiently manage large-scale production, specifically those capable of processing orders exceeding 10,000 units without sacrificing quality. For example, a manufacturer with a highly automated production line can maintain high standards of quality while fulfilling large batch orders swiftly, ensuring timely delivery for extensive projects.


When it comes to finding the right partner for your sheet metal fabrication needs, the choice can significantly impact the success of your projects. At Beska we specializes in CNC machining and custom component manufacturing, making us a leader in precision and quality. Our dedication to delivering top-tier service and expertise ensures your projects are in capable hands.

In conclusion, this guide has outlined the top sheet metal fabrication companies, emphasizing the importance of selecting a partner that aligns with your needs. Understanding these options ensures you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision. If you believe precision and dedicated service are crucial, contact us to see how our expertise can help drive your success forward.


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