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Rapid tooling is a highly efficient manufacturing method, which is often applied to make components in a shorter period. At Beska, the common materials for creating molds are aluminum and steel. Both of them are ideal to produce identical plastic components by rapid tooling.

Beska is a custom rapid tooling service supplier and we are proud of offering you high-quality molding parts with a fast turnaround combining our expertise and full capability.


Beska's Rapid Tooling (3)

  • Aluminum Molds

    Aluminum is a preferred material to create tooling molds. Compared to other materials, aluminum is of high machinability, which can reduce around 15% material for the mold tooling.


  • Steel Rapid Tooling

    Compared to aluminum, steel needs longer lead time to create molds for its high strength and high-performance. Therefore, it is a popular material to produce the durable molds for mass production.

  • Custom Mold Tooling

    At Beska, we apply the CNC machines and EDM to make the molds with high precision and surface finish. If you have any requirements on the accuracy, material, and surface finish, we are fully confident to support you.

Beska' s Workshop for Rapid Tooling

CNC Machining for Rapid Tooling

We apply CNC machining to create the parts of rapid molds with high precision.

EDM Machining Equipment

EDM(electrical discharge machining) is machining of higher precision than CNC machining. It helps to create mold parts with more complicated design.

Secondary Processing for Rapid Tooling

For the small parts on the mold, we need further processing. For example, grinding thimbles for ejecting molds and clearing the holes in the mold.

How to Ensure the Quality of the Finished Components?
Quality Checking

We usually use various quality inspection tools to ensure quality including CMM, height gauge, vernier caliper, etc. Before delivery, the quality checking department will do multiple inspections from raw materials, in-process, and final checking.

Quality Checking for Prototype CNC Machining
What Is Rapid Tooling Manufacturing?

Conventional tooling is an economical choice for mass production. But when you want to make molding parts for small and medium-size production, it will be too expensive. Rapid tooling can be a cost-effective solution in this case. Its process consists of creating an aluminum mold, mold base, and inserts. Through rapid tooling, the designers can check the feasibility of the design work.

Beska is a fully-equipped rapid tooling manufacturer by CNC machining and EDM machining. You can send any of your requirements to the Beska team to get your rapid tooling project done.

What Are the Advantages of Rapid Tooling?

Compared to conventional tooling, rapid tooling gets its a variety of advantages.

High-efficient. Rapid tooling reduces the time on the molding making. That’s why we can deliver the high-performance components to you within a couple of weeks. Then the products can be put into the market in a shorter period.

Custom. The whole process of rapid tooling is custom. You can send your drawings to us and we are capable of supporting you from selecting the material to delivery.

Design Verification. It can visualize the design directly. The designers can check their design work and make changes accordingly.

Cost-effective. Compared to other manufacturing methods, rapid tooling allows more design freedom and it is also more affordable.

The Advantages of Rapid Tooling
How Long Does It Take to Finish the Rapid Tooling Project?

For the project with simple design, the rapid tooling project can be finished within 3 weeks.

What Materials Are Suitable for Rapid Tooling?

There are basically no material restrictions, and almost any material used in injection molding can be used in rapid molds.

Why Rapid Tooling Is Important?

If choosing rapid tooling, we are capable of creating prototypes and molds in a shorter period than other processing methods.


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