Rapid Prototyping Service

Beska specializes in the rapid prototyping and mass production, with the aim of delivering high-preformance parts to the clients worldwide with high accuracy, fast turnaround, and economical price.

As for our rapid prototyping capability, it covers CNC machining, 3D printing, and vacuum casting. It allows us to provide you a custom rapid prototyping service. The professionals at Beska are confident to assist your production with a complete and free guidance on your rapid prototyping project.

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Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Service

The Beska team is a custom sheet metal fabrication service provider. We utilize a series of sheet metal fabrication techniques including blanking, punching, cutting, and welding. We are proud that we are capable of supplying the custom sheet metal forming service to you.

Main Technologies for Rapid Prototyping

CNC Machining in Rapid Prototyping

If your rapid prototyping project requires highly on tolerance, CNC machining is one of the top-list choices. It applies CNC milling, CNC turning, and CNC drilling on the plastic or metal materials to create custom parts with high accuracy.

3D Printing

3D printing can create components with complicated structures. It allows more design freedom to finish a rapid prototyping project with a fast turnaround. At Beska, we mainly provide you with SLS and SLA rapid prototyping.

Vacuum Casting in Rapid Prototyping

Based on the models created by CNC machining or 3D printing, vacuum casting can be applied to create low-volume plastic prototypes from 10~200 pieces. Meanwhile, the vacuum casting components are of less accuracy if the resin molds are reused over 20+ times.


What Are the Advantages of Rapid Prototyping at Beska? (6)

  • Custom Rapid Prototyping

    There is a spectrum of materials, manufacturing methods, and surface finishes that you can choose from at Beska. We will create the rapid prototyping components according to your requirements.

  • Professional in Rapid Prototyping

    We are the experts in the field of rapid prototyping, which gives us the confidence to offer you professional advice and engineering solution.


  • One-stop Rapid Prototyping

    At Beska, there is a one-stop service to serve you any needs from material, manufacturing method, quality control, and surface finish to the packaging. The Beska team aims at offering you a cost-effective rapid prototyping solution to save your time and energy.

  • Convenient Communication

    Language barriers have a big impact on communication. Every member of our sales team can deal with the cooperation issues easily. If you have any doubts about the project, you can send e-mails or give phone calls to us and we will respond to you within 2 hours.

  • Fast Turnaround in Rapid Prototyping

    We have a mature assessment system to ensure you can get the rapid prototyping parts within the designated lead-time. Alongside that, we are a fully equipped rapid prototyping supplier with CNC machines, 3D printers, and vacuum casting machines which enables us to offer you a fast turnaround.

  • Satisfying After Sales in Rapid Prototyping

    After delivering the parts to you, the after-sales team will keep tracking the order until you received them. If they didn’t meet your standard, we redo them for you. Until now, more than 95% of our clients worldwide are pretty satisfied with the Beska team.


The Materials Range (3)

  • Metal Materials for Rapid Prototyping

    Metal materials have a wide application among different manufacturing methods. At Beska, the common metal materials we use are aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, carbon steel, etc. According to the properties of the metals, we will offer you a custom prototyping solution.

  • Plastic Materials for Rapid Prototyping

    There is an array of plastics available at Beska to support your rapid prototyping project. It includes ABS, PMMA, Nylon, PC, PE, PP POM, PEEK, PVC, resin, etc. The Beska team will choose the best material for your unique project if you need it.

  • Advanced Technologies

    To deliver you high-performance rapid prototyping parts, there are several kinds of technologies available at Beska including CNC machining, 3D printing, and vacuum casting. We are willing to offer you the best solution according to your files and requirements.

Quality Control

Quality Control for Sheet Metal Fabrication

To create components exceeding your expectation, Beska always puts the quality of components first.

Quality Control for Precision Sheet Metal Parts

The Beska team is capable of supporting your sheet metal components from low-volume to mass production. The lead-time can be as short as one week.


What Is Rapid Prototyping Used for?

The designers can verify the feasibility of their design work and concepts. According to the actual models, they are capable of making improvements and changes to their design work. It can reduce the time of product development.

What Methods Are Commonly Used for Rapid Prototyping?

The common rapid prototyping methods are 3D printing, CNC machining, vacuum casting, and rapid injection molding.

Which Industries Often Use Rapid Prototyping?

There are a variety of industries that use rapid prototyping: automotive, medical, aerospace, consumer goods, etc.


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