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Rapid Injection Molding Services

Custom Injection Metal Molds

Rapid Plastic Injection Molding Services

We customize your rapid injection molding parts from rapid prototyping to mass production.

● Low-volume production. The MOQ for rapid injection molding is 100~500 pieces. It also depends on the complexity of your molding project.

● Mass production. If you want to scale up production to 10000+ pieces, we can fully support you.

Beska's Rapid Injection Molding Capabilities

We create the high-performance and identical plastic molded parts within weeks.

Rapid Injection Molding-Low-volume Manufacturing Service
Compared to traditional molding, rapid injection molding needs less lead time and resources to finish.
Rapid Injection Molds
We apply rapid tooling to produce custom metal molds according to your detailed specifications and files.
Custom Injection Molding
Insert molding and overmolding are part of our molding capabilities. We will combine these two techniques to create parts of more complex design.
Custom Injection Molds

Custom Rapid Tooling Injection Molding

At Beska, there are two materials that we often apply to create rapid injection molds: aluminum and stainless steel. According to the design and production size of your molding project, we will select the best material and offer you a DFM report.

We usually apply multi-axis CNC machining and EDM machining to create high-performance molds. CNC machining is a high-precision machining technique that allows for large size and accurate molds while EDM machining is applied to create small molds of complex design.

Rapid Injection Molding Workshop

With 15+ sets of molding machines and 10 sets of EDM, we are fully capable of delivering rapid injection molded parts to you with a fast turnaround within weeks.

Except for equipment, we also get an engineering team. They are responsible for analyzing the files and offering professional production solutions. If you need any guidance on design, we are confident to guide you.


Rapid Injection Molding Workshop

Surface Finishes for Injection Molded Parts Options

Silk Screening for Rapid Injection Molding Parts-Economical
It is often used to print the colored and specified patterns on the molding plastic parts.
Pad Printing for Rapid Injection Molding-Customization
Pad printing is also an ideal choice to improve the appearance of the injection molding parts.
High-quality Manufacturing
It is a surface finish that is often applied for metal parts but seldom used on molding plastic parts.

What Is Rapid Injection Molding?

Rapid injection molding allows for the quick production of low to medium volume plastic parts within a shorter period. It’s an ideal manufacturing process without the high cost and time commitment of traditional injection molding.

Its process involves using a pre-existing mold or creating a new mold using 3D printing or rapid tooling. The mold is then loaded into an injection molding machine, where molten plastic is injected into the mold under high pressure. The plastic quickly solidifies and becomes a finished plastic part.

One of the biggest advantages of rapid injection molding is its production speed. Traditional injection molding usually takes several weeks or even months to produce a finished part due to the time required to create a mold. At the same time, Rapid injection molding can produce a finished part in a matter of days. It allows for faster product development.

Another advantage of rapid injection molding is its cost-effectiveness. The process of rapid injection molding requires less time to create the custom molds than traditional injection molding. That’s why it can be a more affordable option for businesses that need to produce low to medium volume plastic parts. We can apply it for the testing and validation of designs before committing to a larger production run, reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

Rapid Injection Molding Process

What Types of Industries Benefit Most from Rapid Injection Molding?

Rapid injection molding is suitable for industries that needs low-volume production runs, shorter lead time, and more cost-effective production. For example, automotive, aerospace, medical, and consumer goods industries.

How Are Rapid Injection Molding Projects Quoted?

The quotation depends on a few key factors: the complexity of the design, the size of the production run, and the materials used.

Can Rapid Injection Molding Be Used for Overmolding Or Insert Molding?

Yes, it can be used for overmolding or insert molding. It allows for the production of more complex parts with multiple materials.

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