Quality Checking

Quality Checking

Since quality is so important in CNC machining production, we take several precautions to ensure it.

1. Checking multiple times. The pictures show the Beska QC team inspecting the metal parts with height gauges and callipers.

Checking raw materials is an important step in ensuring the quality of machined parts. If the material is not of the type desired by the clients, the following steps are incorrect. To ensure the quality of the raw material, the BeskaMold QC team will request a material report from the raw material manufacturer. Following that, we will begin the machining project.

Quality control during the manufacturing process is also essential. To avoid unnecessary errors during production, our skilled workers will carefully operate the machines. At the start of production, our QC team will randomly select 1 or 2 parts to inspect their tolerance and surface finish. If everything is in order, we will resume production.

Final inspection: In most cases, different surface treatments will be applied to the machined parts. The tolerance may then be as tight as before. To avoid this, the QC team will retest the finished parts with a CMM and a vernier calliper.

If the tested data matches the 2D files, we will mark it and photograph it for future reference. If we didn’t, we’ll figure it out and check with clients first.

2. Maintain Communication. It is critical to maintain contact with clients. If the finished parts are not approved, we will either repair or replace them. To be clear, the entire CNC machining process is critical. It can make you feel safe placing your order with the Beska team.


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