Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Service

  • A group of sheet metal fabrication techniques;
  • High-precision Fabrication with tolerance within ±0.01mm;
  • A fast turnaround within 7 days.

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Service

The Beska team is a fully equipped supplier that offers precision sheet metal fabrication service. To ensure the precision of the sheet metal parts, we also offer multi-axis CNC machining service. If you get any specification, you can send it to us and we will create the prototypes and parts accordingly.

Common Industries that We Apply Sheet Metal Fabrication

Automotive Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

The common materials that we apply for automotive sheet metal parts are mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Electronics Precision Sheet Metal Parts

Sheet Metal fabrication is often applied to create enclosures in electronics.

Medical Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Generally speaking, we apply sheet metal fabrication techniques to create custom medical equipment.

Why Should You Choose Beska for Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication?

  • Customization

The Beska team builds the high-precision sheet metal parts according to your specifications on tolerance, material, size, and surface treatment.

  • Strict Quality Checking;

There is a professional QC team at Beska team. We apply multiple quality checking equipment to ensure the precision and quality of every sheet metal part.

  • Surface Treatment;

At Beska, we get a complete production team from sheet metal fabrication to surface treatment. The common surface treatments we have include anodizing, painting, silk screen, electroplating, etc.


Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Why Choose Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Accuracy: Except for regular sheet metal fabrication, we apply computer numerical control (CNC) machines to ensure each sheet metal part with the exact specifications.

Versatility: Through creating the custom tools, we can create a wide range of parts and components with different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses.

Strength and durability: The precision sheet metal fabrication process allows for creating parts that are strong and durable, even when made from thin sheets of metal.

Quality Control

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

We combine different sheet metal fabrication techniques to create custom metal parts. You can send your specifications to us and we create the parts for you.

Quality Control for Precision Sheet Metal Parts

We always put quality first. There is an array of quality checking tools to ensure the quality: CMM, projector, height gauge, pin gauge, etc.


Common Metals for Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

What Are the Applications of Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication in Different Industries?

Precision sheet metal fabrication is a group of modern techniques to create custom sheet metal parts of accurate size and tight tolerance. We can see its applications in almost every industry. Here are the main industries that we apply precision sheet metal fabrication below.

Aerospace: It’s widely used in the aerospace industry to create components for aircraft and spacecraft: Airframe components, engine parts, brackets, and panels.

Automotive: The applications of sheet metal fabrication in automotive include chassis, engine components, and body panels.

Electronics: Enclosures, housings, and other components for electronic devices.

Medical Industry: Surgical tools, diagnostic equipment, hospital furniture, pacemakers, artificial joints, etc.

Telecommunications Industry: Communication equipment, such as antennas, enclosures, and waveguides.




What Materials Do You Offer for Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication?

The common materials we apply for sheet metal fabrication include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass.

What Is the Difference between Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication and Regular Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Compared to regular fabrication, precision sheet metal fabrication applies more advanced techniques and tools to create metal parts of tighter tolerances. And the sheet metal materials it applies is usually thinner.

What Is the MOQ for Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication?

It depends on the complexity of the project. As for sheet metal fabrication of simple design, the MOQ is around 10 pieces.

What Is the Lead Time for Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication?

There are several factors will affect the lead time, including the complexity, size, quantity, and surface treatment. As for rapid prototyping project, it may take 7~10 days to finish.

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