Top 9 Metal Printing Services in the USA

Are you looking for a reliable metal printing service that meets your exacting standards? Selecting the right one is crucial for ensuring top-tier precision and efficiency in your operations.

With years of experience in metal printing and a keen eye for quality, I’m here to guide you through the best options available.

After evaluating numerous manufacturers, I found Beska to be the standout choice for businesses in need of high-quality, detailed metal prints.

In this review, you’ll discover the top 9 metal printing services in the USA, each offering unique capabilities and specialties to suit different industry needs.

Dive in and explore!

1. Beska – Best for Overall

Country & City: 30 N Gould St Ste N, Sheridan, WY 82801

Established Date: 2010

Beska is renowned for its dedication to delivering premium quality services across various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and electronics. Their comprehensive approach to CNC machining and metal printing ensures they meet the diverse needs of their clients with precision and efficiency. With ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certifications, they maintain the highest standards of quality and reliability in their projects.

Key Services: CNC Milling and Metal Printing

Takeaway Note:

Beska is ideally suited for businesses seeking a reliable partner for comprehensive machining and printing needs, particularly in sectors like medical and agriculture. Their unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets them apart as a top choice in the industry.

2. Komori America – Best for Innovation

Country & City: USA, Illinois

Established Date: 1923

Komori America stands as a leading force in the evolution of printing technologies, constantly pushing boundaries with innovative solutions. Their ethos, inspired by the Japanese concept of ‘kando’, ensures a deep commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence.

Key Services: Metal Printing and Customer Support

Takeaway Note:

Komori America is perfect for businesses that prioritize cutting-edge printing solutions and a culture of integrity and teamwork. However, smaller entities might find their extensive focus on large-scale innovations less adaptable to their more modest needs. I suggest looking for another one.

3. MFG – Best for High-End Brands

Country & City: USA, Georgia

Established Date: 2006

MFG excels in bridging the gap between buyers and manufacturers of custom parts, streamlining the procurement process with its dynamic platform. Their focus on optimizing both buyer and manufacturer experiences makes them a leader in the field. I’ve seen how they turn complex sourcing challenges into smooth operations.

Key Services: Metal Printing and Custom Part Production

Takeaway Note:

MFG is ideal for high-end brands looking for a seamless connection with manufacturers for custom parts. However, businesses requiring more hands-on assistance in design and development may find centric-customer approach less comprehensive.

4. Stratasys – Best for Comprehensive Solutions

Country & City: USA, Minnesota

Established Date: 1989

Stratasys is well-known in offering a complete range of metal printing solutions that transform product design into tangible reality. Their commitment to innovation is evident in their adoption of advanced technologies like FDM, PolyJet, and Stereolithography. Well, no question at all why their customers keep coming back.

Key Services: Metal Printing and Recycling Program

Takeaway Note:

Stratasys is ideal for companies needing end-to-end metal printing solutions with a focus on sustainability and cutting-edge technology. However, their extensive range of services might be overwhelming for small-scale or beginner users in metal printing.

5. Desktop Metal – Best for Additive Manufacturing

Country & City: USA, Massachusetts

Established Date: N/A

Desktop Metal has positioned itself at the forefront of the additive manufacturing movement, revolutionizing production-volume 3D printing with a blend of innovative technologies and high-performance materials. It’s exciting to see them push the limits of what can be done in manufacturing, focusing on sustainable and modern solutions.

Key Services: Metal Printing and Performance Material Integration

Takeaway Note:

Desktop Metal is the go-to choice for sectors aiming to harness cutting-edge additive manufacturing technologies for transformative projects. However, their specialization in complex and high-tech solutions may present a steep learning curve for companies new to advanced 3D printing practices.

6. Shapeways – Best for Digital Manufacturing

Country & City: USA, Michigan

Established Date: 2007

Shapeways leverages its digital manufacturing platform to offer seamless, high-quality production from design to delivery. The company’s use of automation, innovation, and a global supply chain simplifies the manufacturing process for customers worldwide. Their approach makes the entire manufacturing journey smooth and stress-free. Amazing, right?

Key Services: Global Supply Chain and Metal Printing

Takeaway Note:

Shapeways are ideal for businesses that prioritize efficiency and quality in digital manufacturing. However, they may not be ideal for businesses that require a wide variety of basic or standard metal printing options.

7. 3D Systems – Best for Industry-Specific Solutions

Country & City: USA, South Carolina

Established Date: 1986

3D Systems initiated the metalprinting revolution and continues to lead with its extensive range of hardware, software, and material solutions. Their consultative approach and applications innovation group ensure they tackle complex design and production challenges effectively. I think they are a good choice for those looking to break new ground in manufacturing.

Key Services: Metal Printing and Consultative Services

Takeaway Note:

3D Systems are ideal for industries requiring tailored metal printing solutions and expert consultation. However, their specialized nature of their services might lead to longer lead times for delivery compared to more standard offerings in the market.

8. Ponoko – Best for Streamlined Digital Manufacturing

Country & City: USA, California

Established Date: 2007

Ponoko is dedicated to transforming digital manufacturing with their innovative cloud-to-robot laser cutting service. Their mission to accelerate human progress through creativity makes them a pioneer in making manufacturing accessible and efficient.

Key Services: Cloud-to-Robot Laser Cutting and Metal Printing

Takeaway Note:

Ponoko is perfect for entrepreneurs and makers looking to rapidly transform ideas into market-ready products. Their platform is a game-changer for anyone eager to jumpstart their creative journey. However, those needing more traditional manufacturing methods may find their approach less suitable.

9. MakerBot – Best for Education and STEM

Country & City: USA, New York

Established Date: 2009

MakerBot, now a sub-brand of UltiMaker, has cemented its position as the premier metal printing brand dedicated to transforming education and STEM curriculums. Their unwavering commitment over the past decade has led to enriching partnerships with educators, enhancing learning experiences with innovative metal printing resources.

Key Services: Metal Printing and CNC Milling

Takeaway Note:

Makerbot is perfect for educators and institutions aiming to integrate metal printing into their STEM curriculum. However, based on my research, commercial enterprises or industries outside of education might find their specialized focus less aligned with their broader manufacturing needs.

3 Tips to Consider When Choosing Metal Printing Services in the USA

When selecting metal printing services, there are several key factors to consider to ensure you receive the highest quality service. But before that, here’s a quick trivia: The first printer was designed by Charles Babbage in the 19th century, as per GSM Barcoding. To this day, technological advancements in printing services continue to evolve. Here’s a breakdown of important aspects to keep in mind:

  • Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS): Make sure the metal printing service you choose is proficient in DMLS. This technology allows for the creation of highly complex and detailed metal parts by fusing metal powder with a laser. For example, in aerospace, DMLS is used to create lightweight, high-strength components that are crucial for the performance and safety of aircraft.


  • 3-Day Turnaround Times: Choose a service provider that offers fast 3-day turnaround times. For example, if you’re working on a prototype that needs quick iteration, having a metal printing service with a 3-day turnaround ensures that you can make adjustments and move forward without costly delays.
  • Material Range: Ensure the metal printing service offers a wide range of materials. Different applications require different metal properties, such as strength and corrosion resistance. If you are in the medical industry, you might need titanium for its biocompatibility, while in the automotive sector, aluminum might be preferred for its lightweight properties.

Here is a table showcasing a variety of materials commonly used in metal printing services, highlighting their key properties and typical industry applications:

Material Key Properties Common Applications
Titanium High strength, lightweight, biocompatible Medical implants, aerospace
Aluminum Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, good conductor Automotive parts, aerospace
Stainless Steel Corrosion-resistant, durable, easy to sterilize Kitchen appliances, medical tools
Nickel High temperature resistance, magnetic Energy sectors, electronics
Copper Excellent electrical conductivity, ductile Electrical components, jewelry



When you’re in search of a reliable partner for exceptional metal printing services, selecting a company that ensures top-tier quality for your projects is crucial. At Beska, we recognize these demands and provide solutions with state-of-the-art metal printing technologies. Our commitment to precision and innovation in metal printing positions us as a standout choice in the industry.

This article has showcased the top 9 metal printing services in the USA to assist you in making an informed choice for your unique needs. If you’re a business owner aiming to enhance production with specialized metal printing services, Beska is ready to elevate your projects to the next level. To learn more or to begin collaborating on your next project, contact us today!

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