Top 9 Metal 3D Printers in Canada

Are you looking to stand out in Canada’s growing industrial market with top metal 3D printing tools? Choosing the best sources is crucial for your business, but don’t worry you’ve come into the right place.

As an expert with a strong background in 3D printing, I offer valuable advice that helps businesses improve how they make products.

Whether you run a small workshop or a big manufacturing plant, this guide promises to introduce the top 9 metal 3D printers in Canada, helping you make an informed decision.

In this review, you will learn about each manufacturer’s unique strengths, their technological advancements, and how they can support your current setup to increase both output and profits.

Find out what works best for you!

1. Axis Prototype – Best for Expert Prototyping Services

Country & City: Canada, Montreal

Established Date: N/A

Axis Prototype is renowned for its deep expertise in additive manufacturing. The company is distinguished by its ability to optimize 3D printing processes for maximum accuracy and efficiency, ensuring clients receive parts that precisely match their specifications. They are also committed to personalized customer support, standing out in an industry where automation often reduces human interaction.

Key Services: Metal 3D Printing and Prototyping

Takeaway Note:

Axis Prototype is ideally suited for businesses requiring expert guidance and high precision in prototype development. However, their specialized focus on advanced prototyping might not be as cost-effective for simpler or bulk 3D printing needs. Just a reminder that its better to look for another one who can accommodate your financial capacity.

2. Burloak Technologies – Best for Innovative Manufacturing Solutions

Country & City: Canada, Burlington

Established Date: N/A

Burloak Technologies stands out for its integration of data-driven insights and cutting-edge technology in additive manufacturing. They excel in transforming engineering designs into tangible products with a focus on profitable innovation and cost efficiency. Now, see this. Their reputation is bolstered by their commitment to overcoming traditional manufacturing limitations and delivering consistent, high-quality results.

Key Services: Engineering Design and Metal 3D Printing

Takeaway Note:

Burloak Technologies is best suited for industries such as aerospace where cutting-edge additive manufacturing can realize complex, high-value projects. However, the sophisticated nature of their services may not be necessary for simpler projects or companies just beginning to explore additive manufacturing.

3. Calgary 3D Printing – Best for On-Demand Digital Manufacturing

Country & City: Canada, Calgary

Established Date: 2014

Calgary 3D Printing pride themselves on keeping all manufacturing processes within Canada, ensuring high-quality and efficient service delivery. Their on-demand model allows for rapid prototyping and production, supporting clients through swift innovation cycles. You get amazed, right? I feel the same way.

Key Services: Rapid Prototyping Solutions and Metal 3D Printing

Takeaway Note:

Calgary 3D Printing is an excellent choice for businesses needing quick turnarounds on complex projects with a guarantee of Canadian quality standards. However, those requiring more globally integrated supply chains or large-scale production might find their local focus a limitation.

4. 3D Phacktory – Best for Custom Prototyping

Country & City: Canada, Toronto

Established Date: 2012

3D Phacktory stands out as a leading full-service 3D metal printing and design studio in downtown Toronto. They specialize in high-resolution, multi-material 3D printing. Their services are tailored to transform sketches or digital files into tangible products, often within a 24-hour turnaround.

Key Services: Metal 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping

Takeaway Note:

3D Phacktory is ideal for businesses and inventors seeking rapid prototyping and custom design solutions. However, if your business focuses on large-volume production runs, they might not be your best choice.

5. 3D Printing Canada – Best for Comprehensive Services

Country & City: Canada, Ontario

Established Date: N/A

3D Printing Canada, specializes in providing a wide range of 3D printing services and materials. Their offerings include not only high-quality printers and filaments but also training and support, catering to both professional and home environments. Amazing, right? But, it won’t stop there. The company is also known for its commitment to efficiency, reliability, and the variety of products available to clients globally.

Key Services: Metal 3D Printing and Training and Support Services

Takeaway Note:

3D Printing Canada is well-suited for businesses and individuals seeking a one-stop-shop for all their 3D printing needs, from equipment to expert training. However, those looking for more specialized or industry-specific printing solutions may find the broad focus less tailored to niche requirements.

6. 3D Prints Canada – Best for Versatility and Support

Country & City: Canada, Quebec

Established Date: N/A

3D Prints Canada, initially a computer support service, has evolved significantly since its rebranding in 2020, focusing on 3D printing. They specialize in both the production of prototypes and the sale of various 3D printing filaments. The company prides itself on its adaptable services, and what’s most impressive part is they offers a personalized approach that caters to both beginners and advanced users in 3D printing.

Key Services: 3D Printing Filaments and Metal 3D Printing

Takeaway Note:

3D Prints Canada is ideal for clients needing flexible and comprehensive 3D printing solutions along with strong customer support. However, their focus on versatility may not fully satisfy clients looking for highly specialized or industrial-scale 3D printing options.

7. 3D Prototype Design – Best for Historical Expertise in 3D Printing

Country & City: Canada, Ontario

Established Date: 1996

3D Prototype Design has a distinguished history, wanna know why? Well, they are one of the pioneers in the 3D printing industry in Canada. They have been at the forefront of introducing and utilizing various 3D printing technologies, including the first FDM machine in Canada and several Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machines.

Key Services: Metal 3D Printing and Prototyping

Takeaway Note:

3D Prototype Design is ideal for customers who value a blend of historical expertise and modern technology. However, this company might not be particularly appealing to those looking for a dependable long-term partnership in prototyping and small-scale production.

8. Agile Manufacturing – Best for Comprehensive Prototyping

Country & City: Canada, Toronto

Established Date: N/A

Agile Manufacturing offers an extensive range of prototyping and manufacturing services, supported by the country’s largest fleet of additive manufacturing equipment. Their services span from engineering and 3D design to rapid tooling and low-volume injection molding, emphasizing their capability in rapid prototyping and same-day delivery within the Greater Toronto area.

Key Services: Laser Scanning and 3D Metal Printing

Take Away Note:

Agile Manufacturing is well-suited for clients needing comprehensive and rapid prototyping solutions. However, their focus on large volumes and a broad range of services might lead to less specialized attention if you are looking for smaller, more detailed custom projects.

9. Digitmakers – Best for Comprehensive 3D Printing Solutions

Country & City: Canada, Ontario

Established Date: 1999

Digitmakers is renowned in Canada for being a one-stop shop for comprehensive 3D printing needs, offering everything from 3D printers and scanners to specialized filaments and parts. I have no doubt that their commitment to quality and customer service is evidenced by their quick shipping policies and a wide range of high-quality filament brands.

Key Services: 3D Scanning and 3d Metal Printing

Takeaway Note:

Digitmakers is ideally suited for businesses seeking comprehensive, expert-driven 3D printing solutions with reliable local support. However, their focus on serving the North American market might limit options for international clients needing broader global service reach.

3 Tips to Consider When Choosing Metal 3D Printers in Canada

According to Grand View Research, the market size of metal 3D printing in 2023 is USD 7.73 billion and still it is expected to grow continuously. With this surge in demand, it’s crucial to select a high-quality printer that aligns with your specific needs. Here are some essential tips to consider.

  • 10-40 cubic centimeters per hour: Ensure that the metal printer you select is capable of delivering within the standard speed range of 10-40 cubic centimeters per hour, which is adequate for most metal 3D printing applications. This speed ensures a balance between efficient production rates and maintaining high-quality outputs, especially for complex designs that require precision.
  • Directed Energy Deposition (DED): Make sure the printer has Directed Energy Deposition (DED) technology. This technology is great for making complex shapes by melting materials accurately. For example, a DED printer should let you change laser power and how fast materials are fed. These adjustments are key for setting the strength and structure of parts used in aerospace.

Here is a table that outlines the key features and considerations of Directed Energy Depression (DED) technology in 3D printers:

Feature Description Importance in Aerospace Adjustable Settings Material Compatibility
Laser Power Control Ability to adjust the laser’s intensity Ensures precise melting of materials Yes Metals, Polymers
Material Feed Rate Speed at which material is fed to the deposition point Controls layer bonding and density Yes Metals, Ceramics
Layer Thickness Thickness of each layer deposited Affects surface finish and detail Yes Metals, Composite Materials
Cooling Systems Mechanisms to cool the material post-deposition Prevents warping and ensures structural integrity Often built-in, sometimes adjustable Metals
Monitoring and Control Systems Real-time monitoring of printing parameters Essential for maintaining part consistency Yes All compatible materials


  • Overhangs and Cantilevers: Make sure the printer can handle overhangs and cantilevers well, as these are tricky parts of metal 3D printing. For example, it should have strong support structures and accurate control over how materials are placed. This helps keep extended features stable and precise without needing extra work after printing.

Struggling to Find a Trusted Metal 3D Printers in Canada?

Finding a trusted metal 3D printer in Canada can be challenging due to the rapidly expanding market and the technical specificity required in applications ranging from aerospace to automotive. Considering manufacturers in the USA as well might broaden your options, offering benefits such as larger scales of production and advanced technological integrations that can be essential for high-precision projects.

If you’re navigating this complex market, consider exploring the offerings from Beska. We specialize in providing top-tier metal 3D printers that are recognized for their reliability and cutting-edge technology. Our brand stands out for its commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring that each printer we offer meets the high standards required by today’s industries.

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Selecting the ideal 3D metal printer is crucial for achieving your production objectives and maintaining high standards of quality. This article has provided you with key insights about the top 9 3D metal printers in Canada, helping you identify which options best align with your specific project needs. The decision you make will significantly impact the efficiency and success of your operations.

In conclusion, while there are advantages to exploring manufacturers outside of Canada, it’s worth considering the strengths of partnering with US company like Beska. We offer competitive edges in quality assurance, customer support, and pioneering manufacturing technologies that can elevate your operational efficiency. For further details on how we can fulfill your 3D metal printing needs, contact us today!

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