Low-volume Manufacturing Service

Low-volume Manufacturing Service

Custom Injection Metal Molds

Low-volume Manufacturing Service

Looking for low-volume and quick manufacturing options for your plasticor metal parts? Look no further than our customized services! We support your manufacturing projects by several processing ways: CNC Machining, 3D printing, vacuum casting, injection molding, etc.

Beska’s Low-volume Manufacturing Capability

We take pride in supporting your low-volume manufacturing projects with multiple manufacturing ways below. We are committed at delivering the high-quality and custom parts for you.

Rapid Injection Molding-Low-volume Manufacturing Service
Plastic injection molding is a highly efficient process that we utilize pressure to inject hot melted plastics into a cavity, cooling and forming the parts.
CNC Machining-Low-volume Manufacturing Service
CNC machining is a manufacturing process that we provide to create high-precision prototypes in a wide range of plastic and metal materials.
Vacuum Casting-Low-volume-Manufacturing-Service
We apply vacuum casting to create low-volume plastic parts from 10 to 200 pieces. It’s a cost-effective option for you to create identical plastic parts.

Low-volume Manufacturing Workshops (4)

CNC Machining-Low-volume Manufacturing Service

CNC Machining Service For Low-Volume Manufacturing

CNC machining is a popular manufacturing process that we offer, allowing for precision milling in a wide range of plastic and metal materials. We can work with materials such as ABS, polypropylene, PMMA (acrylic), PC (polycarbonate), nylon, POM (acetal), aluminum, low-carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, and more.


Vacuum Casting Service

Vacuum casting is an advanced manufacturing process that is ideal for producing low to medium volume plastic parts. At our manufacturing facility, we offer high-quality vacuum casting services that enable us to create precise and detailed parts with exceptional accuracy and consistency.

At our manufacturing facility, we offer a range of materials to choose from, including various grades of polyurethane resin, which can be colored and textured to match your exact specifications.

Vacuum Casting-Low-volume Manufacturing Service
Rapid Injection Molding Workshop

Injection Molding Service

Plastic injection molding is a highly efficient process that utilizes pressure to inject hot melted plastics into a cavity, cooling and forming the parts. This process is ideal for mass production, and we can manufacture parts with complex shapes that other processes may not be able to produce. Our automated molding systems run day and night, allowing us to shorten lead times and meet large quantity and urgent production needs.

Why Choose Beska for Low-volume Manufacturing Service?

Silk Screening for Rapid Injection Molding Parts-Economical
At BeskaMold, we get well-experienced engineers to customize your manufacturing project to avoid unnecessary errors. We will select the most economical engineering solution for you.
Pad Printing for Rapid Injection Molding-Customization
You can send all of your specifications and files to us and we will offer you a custom solution. At BeskaMold, there are various manufacturing processes that you can choose from: CNC machining, injection molding, 3D printing, etc.
High-quality Manufacturing
To ensure the quality and accuracy of the parts,the QC team would do multiple quality checking from material, in-process production to final checking. If necessary, we also offer CMM report to guarantee the quality.

What Are the Applications of Low-volume Manufacturing Service?

We offer a range of manufacturing solutions to businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovators who require custom fabrication services for their unique projects. Low-volume manufacturing refers to the production of a small quantity of parts from 1 to 1000 pieces. In this article, we will explore the various applications of low-volume manufacturing below.

Prototyping And Product Development

Low-volume manufacturing is commonly used for prototyping and product development. It allows manufacturers to produce a small batch of products to test and refine their design before going into full production. This can save businesses time and money by identifying potential issues early in the product development process.


Low-volume manufacturing is ideal for creating customized products. Whether it’s a unique design, personalized branding, or tailored product specifications, low-volume manufacturing can cater to these requirements.

Niche Markets

Low-volume manufacturing can cater to niche markets that require specialized products that are not produced on a large scale. These markets may include medical devices, aerospace, and defense industries, and other industries that require specialized products with unique specifications.

Replacement Parts And Obsolete Products

Low-volume manufacturing is also useful for producing replacement parts or obsolete products that are no longer in production. This can save businesses the cost and hassle of having to replace entire systems or machinery.

Small Businesses And Startups

It is a cost-effective manufacturing option for small businesses and startups. It allows these businesses to produce a small quantity of products without having to invest in expensive machinery or commit to large production runs.

Customized Packaging

Low-volume manufacturing can also be used for customized packaging solutions. Whether it’s unique shapes, sizes, or materials, low-volume manufacturing can cater to the specific needs of businesses and their products.

Limited Edition Products

It is ideal for producing limited edition products. It can create a sense of exclusivity and appeal to consumers who value unique and rare products.



Can You Provide Design Assistance Or Engineering Support?

Yes, we provide engineering support. If you need any suggestions from us, our professionals are glad to assist you.

What Is Your Minimum Order Quantity?

At BeskaMold, the MOQ is 10 pieces if you choose CNC machining or 3D printing. If you want to do injection molding projects, the MOQ is from 200 to 500 pieces according to your unique project.

What Manufacturing Processes Do You Offer For Low-Volume Production?

At BeskaMold, there are multiple manufacturing processes for your selection: CNC machining, 3D printing, vacuum casting, injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, etc.

What Is The Typical Lead Time For Low-Volume Manufacturing?

As for low-volume prototyping projects, the lead time is around 3 to 12 days. As for low-volume production projects, the lead time is around 3 to 7 weeks.

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