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Low Volume Injection Molding Services

Custom Injection Metal Molds

Low Volume Plastic Injection Molding Services

Except for mass production, the Beska team also provides you with low volume injection molding service.

● Quantity. The Beska team creates plastic molded parts from 200 to 5000+ pieces to meet your needs on low volume production.

● Rapid Prototyping. If you want to create a few prototypes first to test your design, we can apply CNC machining and 3D printing to assist you.


Why Choose Beska for Low Volume Injection Molding Service?

Get Your Custom Molding Parts from 200 to 5000+ Pieces

Rapid Injection Molding-Low-volume Manufacturing Service
We apply CNC machining and EDM machining to create aluminum molds within a relatively short period. It allows us to build identical plastic parts from 200 to 5000+ parts.
Thermoplasting Overmolding
At Beska, there are more than 30 kinds of thermoplastics that we apply for plastic injection molding. According to the application of the products, the Beska team will select the best one for you.
Custom Injection Molding
We combine multiple molding techniques to meet your needs, including overmolding and insert molding. That's why we are capable of offering a custom solution for your injection molding project.
Custom Injection Molds

5 Benefits of Low Volume Injection Molding

  1. Cost-effective: Low volume injection molding allow us to produce parts without incurring the high costs associated with traditional molding.
  2. Rapid prototyping: We can quickly produce high-quality prototypes of your designs, allowing you to test and refine the designs before moving to full-scale production.
  3. Flexibility: It can accommodate a wide range of materials and part geometries, allowing you to produce custom parts for different applications.
  4. Quality assurance: We get a professional QC team to ensure that each part produced meets the required specifications.
  5. Speed: Low volume injection molding project needs a shorter time to complete within a month.


On-demand Low Volume Injection Molding

At Beska, we manufacture the low volume injection molding components on demand. With 15+ sets of molding machines and 10 sets of EDM, we are fully capable of delivering high-performance molding parts to you with a fast turnaround.

Alongside that, there are also more than 30+ material options and various surface finishes for you, you can choose any one of them to finish your molding project. If you are looking for a on-demand molding manufacturer, the Beska is always willing to assist you anytime.

Rapid Injection Molding Workshop

Surface Finishes Options

Silk Screening for Rapid Injection Molding Parts-Economical
It is often used to print the colored and specified patterns on the molding plastic parts.
Pad Printing for Rapid Injection Molding-Customization
Pad printing is also an ideal choice to improve the appearance of the injection molding parts.
High-quality Manufacturing
It is a surface finish that is often applied for metal parts but seldom used on molding plastic parts.

What Is Low Volume Injection Molding?

In most cases, people tend to produce large volume plastic parts through injection molding. Low volume injection molding is a manufacturing process used to produce small batches of plastic parts.This process is typically used for prototyping, bridge production, and low volume production runs. In this service, the injection molding process is used to create high-quality plastic parts that meet the needs of businesses and manufacturers that require low volume production.

Injection Molding Process

What Is the MOQ for Low Volume Injection Molding?

It depends on the complexity of the molding project. Being one of the low volume injection molding companies in China, the Beska’s MOQ for molding project is from 200 to 5000 pieces.

How Long Does It Take to Finish One Low Volume Injection Molding Project?

As for low volume injection molding project, we may need 3 weeks to create the mold and 3 days to produce the plastic parts.

What Kinds of Materials You Apply for Injection Molding Project?

The common materials that we apply include thermoplastics, elastomers, and engineered resins.

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