Top 7 Injection Molding Companies in the USA

Are you on the lookout for a “injection molding companies near me” that can elevate your business with unparalleled precision and reliability? Your search ends here.

With extensive experience in the injection molding industry, my insights are crafted to guide you to the best solutions.

After evaluating 7 top manufacturers, I found Beska to offer the most comprehensive services tailored to complex project needs.

In this review, we’ll explore the 7 best companies, focusing on their unique capabilities, industry standings, and why they matter to professionals like you.

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1. Beska – Best for High-End Brands

Country & City: 30 N Gould St Ste N Sheridan, WY 82801

Established Date: n/a

Beska has established itself as a leading CNC machining manufacturer, delivering exceptional quality components across various industries including automotive, aerospace, and electronics. Imagine what it would be like to have each component meet the highest standards of precision. This commitment to premium quality and the ability to handle diverse demands sets them apart.

Key Services: CNC Machining and Injection Molding

Takeaway Note:

Beska is ideal for businesses requiring specialized, high-precision components, perfectly suited for projects that demand intricate and detailed manufacturing capabilities. Their commitment to cutting-edge technology and precision makes them a preferred partner for industries where every detail matters.

2. AVNA – Best for Medical Device Components

Country & City: United States

Established Date: n/a

AVNA stands out with over a century of dedication to quality and innovation, primarily serving the largest OEMs in the medical device sector. Can I be totally honest with you? The AVNA Advantage isn’t just a slogan; it underlines their commitment to exceeding client expectations through meticulous quality control and exceptional service. This dedication ensures that every project meets the highest standards.

Key Services: Injection Molding and Metal Tube Forming

Takeaway Note:

AVNA is perfect for companies in the healthcare industry looking for reliable, long-term manufacturing partnerships that adhere to the strictest quality standards. However, their specialized focus on medical components might not align with the needs of manufacturers outside the healthcare sector.

3. USA Injection Molding – Best for Comprehensive Services

Country & City: Lawrenceville, NJ

Established Date: 1987

USA Injection Molding excels in providing a full range of services from design to distribution, which simplifies the manufacturing process for their clients. Their capabilities in high-cavitation tooling and state-of-the-art injection molding machines enable them to deliver high-quality products efficiently.

Key Services: Full-Service Injection Molding

Takeaway Note:

USA Injection Molding is perfect for businesses that value a streamlined, all-inclusive approach to manufacturing and distribution. Want to know a secret? While their expansive service range is ideal for many, it might be overwhelming for smaller ventures or those with simpler needs.

4. Texas Injection Molding – Best for Entrepreneurial Spirit

Country & City: Houston, TX

Established Date: n/a

Texas Injection Molding embodies the pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit of Texas. Located near historical San Jacinto, they are inspired by the courage and independence of iconic Texan figures, applying this bold ethos to their injection molding processes. I’ve always admired how they channel Texan determination into their work, ensuring robust and innovative solutions for their clients.

Key Services: Injection Molding and Blow Molding

Takeaway Note:

Texas Injection Molding is perfect for businesses looking for a partner that values hard work and visionary leadership. Their deep-rooted values may, however, align less with companies seeking merely transactional or short-term engagements.

5. PTI Engineered Plastics – Best for Complex Assemblies

Country & City: Macomb, MI

Established Date: 1984

PTI Engineered Plastics operates a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to serving high-demand sectors such as medical and aerospace with precision injection molding. Their focus on cleanroom environments is particularly impressive, ensuring that products meet the highest standards of cleanliness and quality. Their extensive capabilities also include a wide range of value-added services, making them a versatile partner in the industry.

Key Services: Plastic Injection Molding and Insert Molding

Takeaway Note:

PTI Engineered Plastics excels in serving industries that require rigorous standards and specialized environments, making them ideal for medical and aerospace applications. However, their specialized services might be over-extended for projects requiring more basic or less regulated injection molding needs.

6. Murray Plastics – Best for Comprehensive Customization

Country & City: Gainesville, GA

Established Date: n/a

Murray Plastics prides themselves on a tailored approach, offering comprehensive guidance and customization at every stage of production. I find their commitment to both quality and sustainability particularly commendable, as they consistently deliver competitive American-made parts and eco-friendly options, reflecting their dedication to responsible manufacturing.

Key Services: Injection Molding and Mold Building

Takeaway Note:

Murray Plastics is ideal for clients needing tailored solutions and expert advice throughout the production process. However, their extensive customization options might not be necessary for clients with more straightforward or standard product needs.

7. RJC Mold – Best for Global OEM Services

Country & City: USA

Established Date: 2002

RJC Mold was founded with a vision to become a globally recognized leader in mold design and manufacturing. Their dedication to providing top-quality injection molding and OEM solutions has made them a preferred partner for major global companies.

Key Services: Injection Molding and CNC Machining

Takeaway Note:

RJC Mold is suited for businesses that require internationally acclaimed mold manufacturing expertise. Their expertise in handling complex challenges is something I’ve often recommended to industry peers, yet their focus on large-scale and high-complexity projects might not cater as effectively to smaller businesses or those with less demanding requirements.

3 Tips to Consider When Choosing Injection Molding Companies in the USA

According to LinkedIn, the U.S. market for Plastic Injection Molding Machines is expected to see substantial growth from its 2022 valuation by 2028, with a notable CAGR from 2023 through 2028. This growth emphasizes the need to choose the right injection molding companies to optimize your project outcomes. Here are 3 tips to consider:

  • In-House Mold Design Services: Companies that provide in-house mold design services streamline the production process by reducing the need for external consultations. For instance, this integrated approach has proven to be a game-changer, as it not only speeds up project timelines but also enhances the customization of projects, ensuring that molds meet specific client requirements precisely.

The following table provides an overview of key advantages associated with companies that offer in-house mold design services:

Benefit Description
Reduced Lead Times By eliminating the need for external mold design consultations, project timelines are significantly shortened.
Enhanced Customization In-house services allow for greater flexibility and precision in meeting specific client specifications.
Cost Efficiency Streamlining the design process reduces costs associated with outsourcing and project delays.
Improved Quality Control Having the design process integrated within the company allows for tighter quality checks and consistency.
Better IP Protection In-house design minimizes the risk of intellectual property theft, as fewer parties are involved.


  • Servo-Driven Molding Machines: Choose companies that invest in advanced technologies such as servo-driven molding machines, which are crucial for high precision and energy efficiency in production. For instance, these machines help maintain consistent quality and reduce waste, making them essential for cost-effective and environmentally friendly operations.
  • Transparent Communication: Transparent communication is key to any successful partnership, especially in custom manufacturing. Seek out companies that maintain open lines of communication, providing updates and feedback throughout the manufacturing process. This transparency builds trust and ensures that any project adjustments or challenges are managed effectively.


Finding a reliable injection molding company that meets both the quality standards and technical demands of your projects can be challenging. At Beska, we understand these challenges and have developed our capabilities to address them directly. Our state-of-the-art technology, comprehensive services, and commitment to quality ensure that we can handle even the most complex demands efficiently.

In conclusion, this guide has aimed to illuminate your path through the array of options in the injection molding industry in the USA. By choosing a partner like Beska, you’re aligning with a leader in precision and innovation. If you’re ready to elevate your projects with top-tier injection molding solutions, visit our website or contact us today and see how we can bring your ideas to life.

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