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Insert molding is part of Beska’s capabilities. With the expertise in insert molding, the Beska team is willing to support you from an instant quote to mass production.

Beska offers you a custom insert molding solution according to your unique project. No matter which industry you belong to, we are confident to bring your drawings into high-quality insert molding parts. And we are aimed at keeping a long-term partner on the insert molding project with you. The industries that we have been serving are automotive, electronics, and furniture.


The Benefits of Insert Molding (3)

Insert Molding Parts

There are some insert molding parts that we have made.

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Beska’s Workshop

Surface Treatment for Prototype CNC Machining Parts

At Beska, we get our own surface finish workshop to serve different needs of the clients.

Quality Checking for Custom CNC Machining Parts

There are multiple quality checkings on the finished parts, which can ensure the quality of your project.

Packaging for Prototype CNC Machining Parts

At Beska, packaging is also customable. We create the parts accordng to your requirements.

How to Ensure the Quality of the Finished Components?
Quality Checking

We usually use various quality inspection tools to ensure quality including CMM, height gauge, vernier caliper, etc. Before delivery, the quality checking department will do multiple inspections from raw materials, in-process, and final checking.

Quality Checking for Prototype CNC Machining
What Is Insert Molding
What Is Insert Molding?
The Basics of Insert Molding

Insert molding is one kind of plastic injection molding. The process of insert molding can be divided into 2 steps. The first step is to prepare the metal substrate in advance. The common inserts are brass and stainless steel components. The following step is that the operators or the robotics place the inserts into the mold before starting to inject the plastic material. It saves the cost of assembling and improves the durability and conductivity of the parts by the metal substrate.

Beska is a custom insert molding manufacturer. There is a selection of insert molding products we have created. For example, connectors, fasteners, sockets, grommets, and button sets.

What Material Is Suitable for My Insert Molding Project?

It depends on your project and requirements. The Beska team will provide you with a custom guide throughout the insert molding.

What Are You Quoting for My Project Based on?

We quote for you based on 4 aspects.
•3D&2D files;
•Surface treatment.

Can You Help Me Maintain the Molds?

Yes, we would be glad to maintain them for you if you need them.


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