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EDM Machining Service in China

At Beska, we offer you an array of machining including EDM machining, CNC milling, and CNC turning.  The Beska team is confident to deliver you high-quality machining components.

  • High-precision EDM machining within ±0.005mm;
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  • Over 95% satisfaction rate worldwide;
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Why Choose Beska for EDM Machining?

EDM Machining Equipment

There are 10+ sets of EDM equipment to support your manufacturing project. Alongside that, there are 50+ sets of 3/4/5 axis CNC machines to meet your requirements on precision and quantity. As a custom machining supplier, we hope that we can offer you the most satisfying EDM machining service.

High-precision EDM Machining

At Beska, we are proud to provide high-precision EDM machining to assist your tooling project. The tolerance of our EDM machining can be up to ±0.004mm.

Custom Machining-EDM

At Besak, there is an array of conductive metals available for EDM machining: aluminum, brass, bronze, steel, stainless steel, etc. And we will finish the EDM machining project according to your drawings.

The Advantages and Process of EDM Machining

5 Advantages of EDM Machining

(1). High-precision. We can apply EDM machining to process hard materials with a tight tolerance within ±0.005mm.

(2). Compared to CNC machining, EDM is an ideal technique to produce metal parts of complex types.

(3). We can apply EDM machining on metal components of small size. In most cases, excessive pressure on a CNC machined tool can damage the small parts.

(4). Unlike conventional machining, EDM processing can cut the metal parts with more complex shapes and thin-walled structures without any deformation.

(5). The EDM machining components are of a good surface finish. Because of the particularity of EDM processing, the surface cleanliness of the parts is very high, and the next step of finishing is not required.

The Process of EDM Machining
What Is the EDM Machining Process?

Many manufacturers will choose EDM for machine parts with complex structures, or metal materials with higher hardness. It applies discharges between electronics to remove the extra material on the work pieces gradually. This is why we can only use conductive metals like copper and aluminum for EDM machining.

What Does EDM Mean in Machining?

It refers to Electrical Discharge Machining.




What Materials Can Be Machined by EDM?

Conductive materials are suitable for EDM machining. The common materials include aluminum, brass, steel, alloys, etc.


Can You Help Me Maintain the Molds?

EDM machining can cut metal parts down to a thickness of 0.004mm.


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