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Beska applies hot chamber and cold chamber die casting to assist your manufacture project from 1000+ pieces. We are committed to delivering you high-quality and custom die casting parts. The tolerance that we can achieve on the metal casting service is around ±0.005 mm. There is also a full suite of quality checks at Beska to ensure the quality of your project. You can send any of your requirements to the Beska team and we will bring it reality.

Main Die Casting Techniques Available at Beska (3)

  • Hot Chamber Die Casting

    The material for hot chamber die casting is metal of lower melting temperature including zinc. It injects the melton metal into the cavity through the goose-neck.

  • Cold Chamber Die Casting

    Contrary to hot chamber die casting, the metals for cold chamber die casting are aluminum and magnesium, which are of higher melting temperature. The cold chamber die casting works without the goose-neck.

  • Custom Mass Production-Die Casting

    Being a custom manufacturer in China, the Beska team produces the die casting components according to your 3D&2D files in quantities of over 1000 pieces. We are glad to be your guide if you get any questions on the project. 

Die Casting Parts

Product Gallery (7)

Materials&Surface Finishes for Die Casting (6)

  • Aluminum Alloy for Die Casting

    Aluminum alloys are of anti-corrosion and thermal conductivity, which makes them good for creating die casting components.

  • Zinc Alloy for Die Casting

    Zinc alloy is also popular in die casting because of its ductility, durability, and lightweight. There are various applications of zinc die casting including powder steering systems and fuel systems.

  • Anodizing on Aluminum Die Casting Parts

    At Beska, we provide you with anodize type I and type II to color and protect the finished metal die casting parts from corrosion.

  • Powder Coating for Die Casting Parts

    Powder coating is a surface finish that works by spraying the powdered paint on the surface of the parts. And you can choose any color for them.

  • Aluminum Passivation for Die Casting Parts

    As it is called, it is a surface treatment, especially for aluminum parts. It works by adding a thin film to them to increase the conductivity and anti-corrosion of the aluminum parts.

  • Plating for Die Casting Parts

    It is a useful way to protect the metal casting parts by adding another kind of metal(including nickel, tin, chrome, silver, or Teflon) to them.

Beska’s Workshop

Surface Treatment for Prototype CNC Machining Parts

At Beska, we get our own surface finish workshop to serve  different needs of the clients including anodizing, passivation, powder coating, and plating.

Quality Checking for Custom CNC Machining Parts

There are multiple quality checkings on the finished parts, which can ensure the quality of your project.

Packaging for Prototype CNC Machining Parts

At Beska, packaging is also custom. We create the parts according to your requirements.

How to Ensure the Quality of the Finished Components?
Quality Checking

We usually use various quality inspection tools to ensure quality including CMM, height gauge, vernier caliper, etc. Before delivery, the quality checking department will do multiple inspections from raw materials, in-process, and final checking.

Quality Checking for Prototype CNC Machining
What Is Die Casting
What Is Die Casting?
The Advantages of Die Casting

You may not be sure what process is suitable for your project when you are considering metal parts mass production. The Beska team strongly recommended that you choose to die casting. It produces high-volume metal components by injecting the molten metals into a custom die. There are some advantages of die casting if choosing it.

(1) . Die casting is a high-precision manufacturing process with a tight tolerance within ±0.005mm;

(2) . Compared to other processes, die casting components are of better heat resistance and a thinner wall thickness;

(3) . It can create components with durability and specific size;

(4) . Die casting can create the parts with complex shapes;

(5) . Die casting is an economical choice to make identical metal parts in quantities of over a thousand;

(6) . It also eliminates the cost of assembling. Because die casting components are created with fastening elements.

How Long Does the Die Casting Process Take?

It may need a few months to finish one die casting project. We typically apply to die casting for metal parts mass production-1000+ pieces. The process of die casting involves die-making. It means that we may take a couple of weeks to design and make a die first. Alongside that, the time needed for the one die casting process relies on the size, complexity, and quantity of your die casting project.

Is Die Casting Cost-effective?

Yes, die casting is a cost-effective processing method to make high-volume parts. It saves the cost of assembling and labor. And the finished die casting components have a better surface finish, which also greatly reduces the cost of secondary treatments including grinding and boring.

How Do I Know What Process Is Best for My Needs?

Beska is an expert in the field of die casting with 10+ years of experience. If you are not sure about which process is best for your needs, our professionals will offer you a custom solution.


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