Your Go-To Guide for Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show

Curious about where to discover the latest advancements in electronics and manufacturing? Look no further than the Del Mar electronics & manufacturing show!

As an exhibition expert with years of experience, I’m here to help you navigate this event like a pro.

The Del Mar electronics & manufacturing show is a fantastic opportunity to discover cutting-edge technologies and network with industry leaders.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to maximize your time at the show, from must-see exhibits to networking tips and more.

Read on to make the most of your experience!

1. Pre-Show Preparation

If you are going to visit the Del Mar electronics & manufacturing show, preparation is key to making the most of your experience. Here are some essential steps to ensure you’re ready for the event.

Familiarize the Schedule
  • Event Date: Mark your calendar for the specific dates of the show. This year’s event is scheduled for April 23 to 24, 2025, so plan your visit accordingly.
  • Venue: The show is held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in California. This central location is easily accessible and provides ample space for all activities.
  • Event Overview: The Del Mar electronics & manufacturing show features various exhibits, keynotes, and workshops. It’s a hub for discovering the latest innovations and networking with industry leaders.
  • Daily Schedule: Check the official event website for the detailed daily schedule. This will help you plan which sessions, keynotes, and exhibits you want to attend.
Get a Slot
  • Online Registration: Registering online is quick and easy, ensuring you secure your spot at the event. Visit their official website to fill in and submit their free registration form.
  • Early Bird Discounts: Take advantage of early bird discounts by registering well in advance. And on top of that, this not only saves you money but also guarantees your entry before the event sells out.
  • Confirmation and Badges: After registration, you’ll receive a confirmation email and details on how to pick up your badge. Having your badge ready will streamline your entry on the day of the event.
  • Event Updates: By registering early, you’ll receive regular updates and important information about the event. This lets you stay informed about any changes or additions to the schedule.
  • Hotels Nearby: Book a hotel close to the Del Mar Fairgrounds to save time and avoid commuting stress. Some examples of the recommended hotels in the area are Hilton San Deigo and L’Auberge cater to event attendees.
  • Transportation: Plan your transportation to and from the venue. Consider renting a car, using ride-sharing services, or checking if your hotel offers a shuttle service to the fairgrounds.
  • Parking Options: If you’re driving, familiarize yourself with the parking options at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. As per advisory, they have a free convenient parking spot for the attendees.
  • Local Amenities: Research local amenities such as restaurants, convenience stores, and pharmacies near your accommodation. Knowing where to find these essentials can make your stay more comfortable.

2. Understanding the Layout and Schedule

Exploring the Del Mar electronics & manufacturing show efficiently requires a good grasp of the event’s layout and schedule. Here are some key points to help you plan your visit effectively.

  • Exhibit Hall Layout: Familiarize yourself with the show’s layout of the exhibit halls. The interesting part is that this will help you locate specific exhibitors and plan a route to maximize your time at the show.
  • Event Zones: The show is divided into different zones based on industry sectors, such as electronics, CNC machining, and sheet metal fabrication.
  • Keynote and Seminar Locations: Check the schedule for the times and locations of keynotes and seminars. Arriving early to these sessions allows you to get a good seat and don’t miss any important information.
  • Interactive Map: Utilize the interactive map available on the event’s official website or mobile app. This tool can guide you through the venue and help you find specific booths, restrooms, and dining areas.

3. Essential Gear and Materials to Bring

Proper preparation includes bringing the right gear and materials to the Del Mar electronics & manufacturing show. Here are the essentials you should pack:

  • Business Cards: Bring plenty of business cards to share with new contacts. Networking is a key part of the event, and having your contact information readily available is crucial.
  • Notebook and Pen: While digital notes are convenient, a notebook and pen can be handy for quickly jotting down information. They’re especially useful if your device runs out of battery.
  • Event App: Download the event’s official app for the most up-to-date information. The app can provide maps, schedules, and notifications about changes or important announcements.
  • Personal Identification: Bring a government-issued ID along with your event badge. Here’s the bottom line, this is often required for entry and may be needed for certain sessions or activities.
  • Digital Copies of Important Documents: Save digital copies of your registration confirmation, hotel booking, and transportation details on your phone. It lets you have easy access to important information in case you need it.

4. Participating in Keynotes and Seminars

Attending keynotes and seminars is a crucial part of maximizing your experience at the Del Mar electronics & manufacturing show. Here are some must-attend sessions that you won’t want to miss:

PCB Design Best Practices
  • Session Overview: This session focuses on the details of PCB design, particularly with modern complexities. Additionally, it covers how to harness EDA tools effectively to manage electrical and thermal variables.
  • Key Takeaways: Learn how to increase productivity and proficiency with current and future EDA software. It also highlights the importance of implementing practices to reduce costs and increase yields.
  • Why Attend: This session is invaluable for PCB designers looking to optimize their design processes and improve overall efficiency.
Cleanrooms for Electronics and Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Session Overview: Cleanrooms play a vital role in manufacturing processes for electronics and medical devices. This session explains how cleanrooms work and the benefits they offer.
  • Key Takeaways: Discover how cleanrooms can increase yield, improve product quality, and prevent ESD damage. The session also covers FDA requirements for controlled environments in medical device manufacturing.
  • Why Attend: This session provides the knowledge needed to implement and maintain cleanroom environments effectively.
Powering Your Products with RECOM AC/DC and DC/DC Converters
  • Session Overview: This seminar introduces RECOM’s power conversion products, ranging from 1 watt to thousands of watts. It discusses how these modules can simplify design processes and reduce costs.
  • Key Takeaways: Learn about the various applications of RECOM products in different sectors. Understand how using power supply modules can accelerate time-to-market and decrease design overhead.
  • Why Attend: This session is crucial for product developers and engineers looking to streamline their power supply solutions. Offering insights into integrating RECOM converters into various applications.
RF Test Fixture / Shield-Box Combinations
  • Session Overview: This hands-on seminar covers the use of RF-shielded test fixtures for functional testing of PCBs and small modules.
  • Key Takeaways: Attendees will learn about fixture designs, test probes, and the necessary amount of shielding. The session addresses how to prepare for prototype and production-line testing effectively.
  • Why Attend: For those involved in production testing, this seminar provides essential knowledge on EMI management and test strategies. It is useful for production test engineers, fixture designers, and OEM companies.

5. Networking for Beginners

Networking can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to industry events like the Del Mar electronics & manufacturing show. However, it’s an invaluable opportunity to build connections and expand your professional network. Therefore, start by setting clear goals for what you want to achieve through networking, whether it’s finding potential clients or meeting industry leaders.

Approach conversations with confidence and a genuine interest in what others have to say. When introducing yourself, keep it concise and focused on what you do and what you’re looking for. Carry plenty of business cards and be ready to exchange contact information. Remember, networking is about building mutually beneficial connections, so be open to sharing your knowledge and offering help where you can.

Here is a concise table outlining strategic approaches to networking at industry events like the Del Mar electronics & manufacturing show:

Goal Strategy Key Points to Communicate Materials Needed Follow-up Action
Find potential clients Identify exhibitors and attendees in relevant sectors Services offered, unique value proposition Business cards, brochure Schedule a meeting or call
Meet industry leaders Target panel discussions and keynote speeches for direct interaction Expertise and interest in collaboration Business cards Send thank-you emails with a summary of the discussion
Exchange knowledge Join roundtable discussions and workshops Professional background, areas of expertise Business cards, note pad Share additional resources or articles
Seek career opportunities Approach companies with open positions Skills, experiences relevant to the position Resume, business cards Follow up with a formal application
Build a network of peers Participate in casual meet-ups and social events Personal interests, professional goals Business cards Connect on LinkedIn


6. Exploring Exhibits and Demos

One of the highlights of the Del Mar electronics & manufacturing show is the wide array of exhibits and demonstrations. Here are some must-see exhibitors that you should explore during the event:

  • Action Powder Coating: At their booth, you can see live demonstrations of their powder coating process, showcasing the efficiency and quality of their finishes.
  • CAD CAM Consulting Services Inc.: Their booth will feature live software demonstrations, highlighting the latest features and improvements in CAD/CAM technology.
  • Feinmetall North America, Inc.: At their booth, you can observe demonstrations of their contact probes in action, showcasing their performance in various testing scenarios.
  • Metal-Fab Services Industry: They focus on demonstrations of their advanced metal fabrication techniques. Their team will showcase how they handle complex projects, emphasizing quality and precision.
  • Pacific Plastics Injection Molding: At their booth, you can watch live demonstrations of their injection molding processes. Their experts will explain the details of mold design and production techniques.

7. Attending Workshops and Hands-on Sessions

Attending workshops and hands-on sessions at the Del Mar electronics & manufacturing show offers a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of the latest technologies and techniques. As per IConnect007, the DMEMS 2024 has more than 350 exhibitors. The hands-on nature of these sessions allows you to engage directly with technologies, making the learning process more effective.

Moreover, workshops and hands-on sessions are led by industry experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. This direct access to experts provides an excellent opportunity to ask questions and gain personalized advice on specific challenges you might be facing. Attending these sessions can also keep you updated on the latest industry trends, ensuring you stay competitive in your field.

8. Safety and Etiquette at the Show

Maintaining proper safety and etiquette is essential for a smooth and enjoyable experience at the Del Mar electronics & manufacturing show. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Follow Health Guidelines: Adhere to any health and safety guidelines provided by the event organizers, including social distancing measures. These protocols are in place to ensure everyone’s well-being and to prevent the spread of illness.
  • Respect Personal Space: The event can get crowded, so be mindful of personal space. For example, avoid pushing through crowds and wait your turn to speak with exhibitors or participate in demonstrations.
  • Keep Aisles Clear: Make sure that you do not block aisles or exits with personal belongings. This helps maintain a smooth flow of traffic and allows everyone to explore the event easily.
  • Follow Booth Etiquette: When visiting exhibitor booths, do not control the exhibitor’s time. Be considerate of others who are also interested in learning about the products and services on display.

9. Key Trends to Watch in 2024

The Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show is the perfect place to discover the latest industry trends and innovations. Here are some key trends to watch in 2024:

Automation and Smart Manufacturing

Automation and smart manufacturing are transforming the industry, driving efficiency and precision. Advanced robotics, AI-driven processes, and IoT integration are becoming standard in manufacturing environments. These technologies reduce human error, increase production speed, and enable real-time monitoring and adjustments.

Advances in Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, continues to evolve with new materials and more sophisticated technologies. This trend is expanding the possibilities for prototyping and production of complex parts. Advances in 3D printing allow for faster production cycles, reduced material waste, and the ability to create intricate designs that were previously impossible.

Integration of AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are being integrated into various aspects of manufacturing, from predictive maintenance to quality control. These technologies analyze data to optimize processes and improve decision-making. AI-driven insights can lead to more efficient production, early detection of potential issues, and enhanced product quality.



The next Del Mar electronics & manufacturing show is scheduled for April 23 to 24, 2025, at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in Del Mar, California. Start preparing now to make the most of this invaluable event. By planning and following the tips outlined in this guide, you’ll be ready to explore, network, and learn effectively.

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