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We offer custom plastic injection molding service to bring your project into a big success.

● Rapid tooling. The Beska team gets 15 sets of CNC machines and 5 sets of EDM to finish rapid tooling project.

● Injection Molding. You can choose the molding service for your project: insert molding and overmolding.


Beska's Custom Plastic Molding Capability

Get Your Custom Plastic Molding Parts from 200 to 10000+ Pieces

Rapid Injection Molding-Low-volume Manufacturing Service
We apply CNC machining and EDM machining to create aluminum molds within a relatively short period. It allows us to build identical plastic parts from 200 to 10000+ parts.
Custom Overmolding Parts
It's one of the injection molding techniques to create parts of different plastic materials. It has a variety of applications in many industries.
It combines plastic and metal parts to create a new part without assembling. It allows us to create more parts with different designs.
Custom Injection Molds

What Should You Pay Attention To If You Choose Custom Plastic Molding?

1). Design: It’s important to work closely with us to ensure that your design is optimized for the molding process, such as draft angles, wall thickness, and gate placement.

2) . Material selection: Different materials get unique strength, durability, and temperature resistance. It’s necessary to select the best material according to the requirements of your project.

3). Rapid tooling: The quality of the rapid tooling used in the molding will affect the final product.

4). Cost: According to your budget, you can select the material and molding solution that best suits the project.

Custom Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing Service

At Beska, we take pride in customizing your custom plastic molding project by offering a full-service molding service.

● Design. We do not offer design services but optimize your mold design to ensure the success of the molding project. If you need any guidance, we would like to help you.

● Advanced Equipment. At Beska, there is an array of equipment for injection molding: CNC machining, EDM machining, Grinding, etc.

● Material selection. As for rapid tooling, we offer aluminum and stainless steel. At Beska, there are 30+ kinds of plastic available for molding projects.

Rapid Injection Molding Workshop

Surface Finishes Options

Silk Screening for Rapid Injection Molding Parts-Economical
It is often used to print the colored and specified patterns on the molding plastic parts.
Pad Printing for Rapid Injection Molding-Customization
Pad printing is also an ideal choice to improve the appearance of the injection molding parts.
High-quality Manufacturing
It is a surface finish that is often applied for metal parts but seldom used on molding plastic parts.

Common Applications of Custom Plastic Molding

We apply injection molding to create custom parts for a variety of industries. Here are some of the applications custom plastic molding:

1). Automotive: We use custom plastic molding to create various auto components: Dashboards, door panels, and engine parts. These molded parts are preferred over metal parts because they are lightweight, durable, and cost-effective.

2). Medical: The medical industry uses custom plastic molding to create medical devices: Syringes, surgical instruments, and medical implants.

3). Electronics: The common applications of custom plastic molding in electronics are computer keyboards, cell phone cases, and remote controls.

4). Consumer Goods: We apply custom plastic molding to create different consumer products: Toys, kitchen utensils, and home appliances.

Can You Offer Samples Before Mass Production?

Yes, we can offer a few samples for you to review the parts before mass production gets started. It helps ensure that the final product meets your specifications and quality standards.

What Is The Difference Between Single-Cavity And Multi-Cavity Molds?

Single-cavity molds can produce one part at a time. At the same time, multi-cavity molds produce multiple parts simultaneously. Single-cavity molds are usually created for lower-volume production runs or larger parts while multi-cavity molds are more efficient for high-volume production runs.

What Is The Cost Of Custom Plastic Injection Molding?

The cost depends on many factors: the complexity of the design, material selection, quantity, and other specifications. Custom injection molding is a comparatively cost-effective for medium to high-volume production runs.

How Do You Ensure Quality In Custom Plastic Injection Molding?

There are several steps that we take for ensuing the quality of the plastic molded parts.

1).Multiple quality checking. The QC team takes 3+ times quality checking on every part from material, in-process machining to final inspection.

2).Fully-equipped. There is an array of quality checking tools to inspect the tolerance of every finished part: CMM, projector, pin gauge, vernier caliper, height gauge, etc.

3).Packaging. To prevent the finished parts from damaging, we choose custom packaging ways. The common ways include wooden and carbon box.




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