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CNC Turning Service: from 1 to 10000+ pieces

Beska's CNC Turning Service

CNC turning parts have a wide range of applications in different industries. At Beska, we have years’ of experience in cooperating with many companies in the fields of automotive, aerospace, medical, and electronics. The common applications of CNC turning parts are joint connectors, sensors, probes, fixtures, etc. We are willing to be your most reliable CNC turning service supplier in China. You can contact the Beska team to know more details about our capability.

The Applications of CNC Turning (3)

  • CNC Turning-Prototyping

    CNC turning is a good choice for prototyping for its high precision, efficiency, and low cost.

  • Prototype CNC Turning

    Customization is one of the distinctive characteristics of CNC turning. You can send the 3D&2D files and any machining requirements to us and we will start the CNC turning project right away.

  • CNC Turning-Machining Service

    The CNC Turning parts can be used for prototyping and mass production with an array of material range: stainless steel, brass, aluminum, etc.

Product Gallery

Through these years’ experience in CNC turning, we have cooperated with many industries for a long time from automotive, aerospace, medical to electronics.

CNC Turned Parts Used in Different Industries (4)

Common Surface Treatments (4)

  • Metal Machined Samples

    Anodizing adds an anti-corrosion layer on the surface of the CNC metal turning parts. Besides, you can choose any color for the parts.

  • Powder Coating for CNC Turning Parts

    It’s also a surface finish to prevent the CNC metal turning parts from corrosion and scraches. What makes it different is that we paint and bake these parts.

  • Polishing for CNC Turning Parts

    Sanding can remove the extra material from the turned parts. Polishing is a further step to making them with a smooth and shiny surface.

  • Bead Blasting for CNC Turning Parts

    After CNC turning, there are some tiny scaches caused by cutters. Bead blasting will make the turned parts of a matte and smooth surface.

The Advantages of CNC Turning Parts (3)

  • Quality Checking for Custom CNC Machined Parts

    Accroding to the clients’ specification, we can create the CNC turning parts with the tolerance within ±0.oo2~±0.008mm.

  • High-efficiency-CNC Turning

    By using the  20 sets of CNC lathe, we are fully capable of surportting your CNC turning project with high efficiency(within 3 days)

  • Customizable-CNC Turning

    The Beska team applies CNC turning for prototyping and manufacturing as to the 3D files and  requirements from the clients. That’s why our CNC turning service is customizable.

Beska’s Workshop

Surface Treatment for Prototype CNC Machining Parts

At Beska, we get our own surface finish workshop to offer you one-stop CNC turning manufacturing service to save your time and cost.

Quality Checking for Custom CNC Machining Parts

There are multiple quality checkings on the finished CNC turned parts, which can ensure the quality of your turning project.

Packaging for Prototype CNC Machining Parts

At Beska, packaging is also customable. We create the parts accordng to your requirements.

Why Should You Choose Beska for CNC Turning?

How Do We Ensure the Precision of CNC Turning Parts?
Quality Checking for the Finished CNC Turning Parts

There are multiple quality checks on the finished CNC turned parts, which can ensure the quality of your turning project. The common quality checking equipment we use are CMM, height gauge, projector, vernier caliper, etc. After checking, we will do regular maintenance on them to ensure their accuracy.

Quality Checking for Prototype CNC Machining
Cutters for Prototype CNC Machining
The Common Materials Beska Often Uses
Plastic and Metal Materials

According to the hardness of different materials, we will customize the cutters to process the material.

At Beska, there is an array of materials used for creating CNC turning parts:Aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, inconel, monel, nylon, PEEK, PC, HDPE, etc. We are committed to becoming your one-stop turning parts manufacturer.

What Are the Tolerance Range of Your CNC Turning?

Beska’s toleranc range for CNC turning is ±0.002mm to ±0.008mm.

How to Contact the Beska's Team?

You can click the contact button at Beska’s homepage.

What Materials Do You Provide for CNC Turning?

We often plastics and metals to make CNC turning parts. The common materials are Aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, inconel, monel, nylon, PEEK, PC, HDPE, etc.

What Are the Advantages of CNC Turning

One of the advantages of turning is that it can produce turned parts with high efficiency and high quality. During turning, the tool remains stationary while the workpiece rotates around the tool. Excess material is removed and a part of a specific size and shape is formed. The shape of turned parts is generally cylindrical. At Beska, we often apply CNC turning to create parts for the automotive components from 1 piece to 10000+ pieces.

The second advantage of turning is that it can not only produce parts with specific shapes, but also other secondary processes, including knurling and threading. This can not only help us achieve one-stop processing, to save the time and energy of secondary processing.

The third advantage is that the lathe enables high-precision production. At Beska, we use multi-spindle lathes-3/4/5 axis to make cost-effective parts, from small to large batches.

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