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CNC Milling Service In China

At Beska, we offer a one-stop milling service with the support of  3/4/5 axis CNC machines. It enables us to make premium quality components from prototyping to high-volume production. Being a manufacturing service supplier, the Beska team is proud that we deliver you CNC milling parts with a fast turnaround, high accuracy, and fast feedback. Contact us here to get an instant quote!

Why Choose us for CNC Milling? (3)

  • CNC Machining for Rapid Tooling

    At Beska, there are 3/4/5 axis CNC machines to support your unique CNC milling project. We are confident to deliver CNC milling parts from a single prototype to 10000+ pieces.

  • Tight Tolerance for CNC Milling

    The tolerance range of our CNC milling is around ±0.002mm to ±0.008mm. We are committed to being your custom manufacturer with tight tolerance and high performance.

  • Prototype CNC Milling

    At Beska, there is a custom machining from the material, engineering solution, and surface finishing, to packaging.

Product Gallery

There is a range of industries in which we have applied CNC milling components: automotive, medical, aerospace, electronics, etc.

The Common Applications of CNC Milled Parts (4)

CNC Milling Parts after Surface Treatment (4)

Beska’s Workshop

Surface Treatment for Prototype CNC Machining Parts

At Beska, we get our surface finish workshop to serve the different needs of the clients. As for CNC milling parts, there is a set of surface finishes available: plating, anodizing, powder coating, etc.

Quality Checking for Custom CNC Machining Parts

There are multiple quality checks on the finished CNC milled parts, which can ensure the quality of your project. CMM(Coordinate Measuring Machine) is one of our commonly used for quality checking.

Packaging for Prototype CNC Machining Parts

At Beska, the packaging is also customizable. We apply wooden boxes for heavy and easy-to-damage products.

How to Ensure the Quality of CNC Milling Parts?
Quality Checking for the Finished CNC Milling Parts

We usually use various quality inspection tools to ensure quality including CMM, height gauge, vernier caliper, etc. Before delivery, the quality checking department will do multiple inspections from raw materials, in-process, and final checking.

Quality Checking for Prototype CNC Machining
CNC Milling
What Is CNC Milling?
The Basics of CNC Milling

Being a variant of CNC machining, CNC milling is subtractive manufacturing to produce high-precision components. There are multiple axis CNC milling machines to create the parts of different tolerance. It works on both plastics and metals. The computer can control the direction, working speed, and depth of the tools to cut the materials according to a set program. That’s why CNC milled components are of precision and repeatability.

There are some differences between CNC milling and CNC turning. The material of CNC milling applies is square stock and it works on the stationary workpiece. At the same time, CNC turning processes the round bar stock and rotates to create round components.


Do You Provide One-stop CNC Milling Service?

Yes, we do. You can send us the 3D&2D files and requirements while we will do the restfrom material, CNC milling, surface treatment, quality checking, and packaging.

What Surface Treatments Do You Offer?

There is a selection of surface treatments that we provide: anodizing, electroplating, passivation, painting, polishing, powder coating, bead blasting, blackening, etc.

What Tolerances Can You Achieve by CNC Machining?

The tolerance range that we can achieve is ±0.002mm~±0.008mm.

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