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Beska’s On-Demand CNC Machining Services

At Beska, our machining capabilities cover CNC milling, CNC turning, and CNC drilling.

  • 50+ sets of CNC machines available;
  • Tight tolerance within ±0.008mm;
  • ISO9001:2015 and SGS certified;
  • Quick response within 2 hours;
  • Acceptable file formats: igs/x-t/step/stp/stl.
Precision CNC Machining Machines

Beska Is Always Your Professional CNC Machining Service Supplier

The Beska team is proud that our company has offered best CNC machining services to our clients worldwide for 10+ years of experience. We are a manufacturer committed to delivering quality CNC machined parts with our professionalism and experience.

Over 95% of our engineers are well-experienced in analyzing the 2D/3D files and giving professional engineering solutions to the clients. If you get any questions about the machining project, the Beska engineering team is capable of providing complete solutions for you.

As to every step of CNC machining, we make every CNC machined part according to the highest standard. Besides, our team will send you an array of videos and pictures to show you how we make the CNC machining parts.


CMM Test machining

Get Your High-precision CNC Machining Parts from Beska!

At Beska, we get 3/4/5 axis CNC machines to support your high-precision CNC machining projects. To ensure the tolerance of the machining parts, our quality checking team would apply CMM and vernier caliper to do multiple checking from raw material, in-process, and final parts.

  • Common Materials: Aluminum, stainless steel, copper, carbon steel, ABS, PC, HDPE, PEEK, etc.
  • The tolerance: ±0.008mm(for metal)
  • The quality checking equipment available are CMM, vernier caliper, height gauge, etc.
Faster Prototyping-CNC Milling
Through CNC milling, the lumpy materials will be processed into parts of a specific type. At Beska, we offer multi-axis CNC machines to support your machining project with any quantity limitation.
Custom CNC Milling
CNC turning is characterized as the technique for creating parts of cylindrical type. At Beska, the common materials we use are aluminum, brass, stainless steel, carbon steel, etc.
Custom CNC Milling
CNC drilling is similar to CNC milling. It applies the cutting tool to make round holes. As part of CNC machining services, it also plays a role in producing the parts with tight tolerance.
EDM Machining
When we need to make metal parts with a more intricate structure, EDM(electrical discharge machining) can remove the extra material by discharge. Beska is capable of offering EDM to create parts with tighter tolerance.
Custom Machined Parts
CNC machining is often a top-list choice to create prototypes for low-volume production. At Beska, we get 50+ sets of CNC machines to assist your low-volume and medium volume production project. And there is no mininum at Beska.
Metal Grinding
As to the finished metal parts of a rough surface, grinding is often chosen to use the abrasive wheel to make the metal parts of a more smooth surface. If you get any interest, the Beska team is always glad to help you.

Machined Parts in Different Industries (4)

Surface Finishes for CNC Machined Parts

Custom Machined Parts-Anodzing
It’s a popular surface finish, especially for the CNC machined aluminum parts. The anodized aluminum parts are more anti-corrosion and decorative. And the color is customizable.
Custom Machined Parts-Poilshing
It is an effective surface treatment to remove the burrs from the metal parts and make them look more glossy.
Custom Machined Parts-Electroplating
Being a process of plating, electroplating increases the durability and anti-corrosion of the parts.
Custom Machined Parts-Bead Blasting
Bead Blasting
Before anodizing, we can do bead blasting for the CNC machining metal parts to make these parts with high performance and surface finish;
Custom Machined Parts-Powder Coating
Powder Coating
It is often used to protect the surface of metal parts. Compared to anodized parts, the thickness of the parts after powder coating is thicker.
Custom Machined Parts-Aluminum Brush
It can create a line pattern on the surface of the metal parts with a more glossy surface. The common materials are aluminum and stainless steel.
Custom Machined Parts
CNC Machining Material-Aluminum
CNC Machining Material-Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
CNC Machining Material-Brass
CNC Machining Material-Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel
CNC Machining Material-ABS
CNC Machining Material-Nylon
CNC Machining Material-PMMA
CNC Machining Material-PEEK

What Is CNC Machining?

CNC machining is currently one of the most popular ways to make prototypes. The full name of CNC machining is computer numerical controlled machining. It is a high-precision processing method of making the components with highly automated cutting tools. CNC machining services consist of CNC milling, CNC turning, and CNC drilling. You can choose any of them to get your custom components according to your unique project.

The engineers will do program after receiving the final files from the clients and the operators will opeate accordingly. And the cutting tools would cut the lumpy materials along with the designated path. CNC machining can process a variety of materials like plastics and metals. It has a wide application in almost every industry: automotive, aerospace, bicycle, robotics, electronics, medical, etc.

What Are the Advantages of CNC Machining?

CNC machining is famous for its tight tolerance. If your projects require highly on the tolerance, CNC machining will be your top-list chice. Besides, the surface cleanliness of it is relatively high. It needs less time to do surface treatment.

Is CNC Machining Expensive?

It depends on your project. The cost of CNC machining consists of raw material, machining, labor, and surface treatment, quantity, size, and structure.

How Do You Control the Quality of Your CNC Machined Parts?

At Beska, there are several checking steps to control the quality of the parts. It can be briefly divided into four steps: raw material inspection, in-processing inspection, final inspection before delivery, and equipement maintence.

To further ensure the quality of the machined parts, we will send the CMM report to our clients before delivery. If you are not satified with our compoments because of the quality, we will repair or redo them.

Can You Also Do Design for My CNC Machining Project?

No, we can’t do that for you. Because we only specialize in CNC machining. Our engineers can offer you engineering guidance while we do not provide design.

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