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Plastic Materials for CNC Machining

The Common Plastics Used for CNC Machinng at Beska

As a custom CNC machining manufacturer, we apply a variety of plastic materials to create components from low-volume prototyping to mass production. Here is a brief introduction to the properties and applications of the common plastic materials used in CNC machining for your reference: ABS, PC, PMMA, POM, Nylon, PEEK, and HDPE. If you need any guidance, the Beska team is glad to help you to select the best plastic for your machining project.

  • CNC Machined ABS Parts


If you are considering cost-effective thermoplastic to create plastic machined part, ABS is an ideal choice. The machined ABS components have a wide application in the industries of automotive, electronics, electrical, and mechanical engineering.

The advantages and applications of ABS:

  • Impact strength;
  • High heat resistance;
  • Machinability;
  • Easy bonding and weldability;
  • Low moisture absorption;
  • Cost-effective.

The applications of ABS machined components:dashboard, housings, handles, interior panelling, etc.



The Advantages and applications of PC Machined Parts:

  • Tranparency;
  • High strength and stiffness;
  • High machinability;
  • Dimensional stability;
  • Impact strength.

The common applications of PC machined components are: car lights, seals, gaskets, housings, connectors, rollers, etc.

  • PC CNC Machined Parts
  • CNC Machined HDPE Parts


You may have noticed the wide applications of HDPE machined components in the packaging industry. Alongside that, these parts also have a broad application in the many industries including automotive, electrical, and  construction.

The advantages of HDPE machined components:

  • Chemical resistance;
  • Strength-to-density ratio;
  • FDA-compliant for food storage.

Common applications in various industries:

  • Packaging;
  • Containers;
  • Piping.


Nylon is an engineering material, which has been widely used for CNC machining and 3D printing with good toughness, abrasion resistance, and hardness characteristics.

The advantages of nylon machined parts:

  • Abrasion resistance;
  • Moderately high-temperature resistance;
  • High fatigue resistance

The applications of nylon machined components:gears, wheels, and consumer electronics casings, etc.

  • Nylon CNC Machined Parts
  • PEEK CNC Machined Parts


PEEK is a high-performance engineering material. The PEEK components processed by CNC machining are widely considered as one of the top-list materials in various industries including automotive, aerospace, medical, semiconductor, electronics, chemical, telecommunication, etc. At the same time, PEEK material may be one of the most expensive one.

The advantages and applications of PEEK machined components:

  • Chemical resistance;
  • Heat resistance;
  • Impact strength;
  • Abrasion resistance;
  • Low moisture absorption rate;
  • Biodegradation resistance;

The applications of PEEK machined components: bearings, washers, bushings, seals, medical implants, piston parts, rings, and so on.


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