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Case Studies at Beska

At Beska, we are committed to assisting your product development from initial prototyping to end-use product manufacture.

As a custom manufacturing service supplier in China, there is a range of manufacturing methods available at Beska: CNC machining, 3D printing, vacuum casting, injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, and die casting.

We are glad to be your satisfying manufacturer by offering you complete and professional guidance. Here are some case studies to show you how the Beska team brings your drawings into reality.

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Automotive Models

Mold name: Ford lens

Product size: various models

Product description: 700,000 sets of automotive lens injections

Mold cavity: 1 cavity

Mould sizevarious models

Applicable machine: DKM-1250T

Main material of mold: S316

Mold injection system: large nozzle Die ejection system: ejector

Mould cycle time: 950 S Mold life: 50 W

Delivery time: 50 working days

Mould characteristics: complete the mould in the shortest time, which is half the time of the conventional mould

Automobile Models

Mould Name: Automobile Airnlet Mould

Product size:1580x500x118mm

Product description: Car air inlet panel

Mold cavity: 1 cavity

Mould size:2150x1200x1100mm

Applicable machine: DKM-1650T

Main material of mold: 718H

Mold injection system: hot runner

Die ejection system:ejector

Mould cycle time: 110 S

Mold life: 50000 times

Delivery time: 65 working days

Mold features: The panel mold adopts Moldtech texture

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