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Get Your Assembly and Additional Services at Beska!

One-stop Manufacturing and Assembly Services

At Beska, we offer you one-stop manufacturing and assembly services to bring your project into a big success.

  • Assembly Service

Why Choose Beska for Assembly Service?

  • Well-experienced and skilled. With 10+ years’ experience in manufacturing and assembly, we get the expertise and confidence to support your project from manufacturing to assembly.
  • ISO9001:2015 certification Compliant. It ensures that we will manufacture the parts according to the highest standard.
  • Flexible. The Beska team’s capabilities cover low-volume prototyping and mass production. You can send any of your requirement on assembly to us and we will finish the project on time.

Customizable Packaging

Packaging plays a role in ensuring the performance of the finished plastic and metal parts before delivering to the clients. At Beska, we offer you customizable packaging to assist your project with multiple options.

The common packagings are:

  • Wooden box;
  • Carton box.
  • Custom Packaging
  • Sheet Metal Welding

Sheet Metal Welding

Except for laser cutting, stamping, and bending, welding is covered in our sheet metal fabrication capabilities. It fuses the two pieces of sheet metals to create new structures.

The welding techniques we apply are:

  • Laser welding;
  • MIG welding.




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