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Custom Aluminum Extrusion Service: Mass Production

At Beska, we supply custom aluminum extrusion parts in high volume. Aluminum extrusion is also a popular manufacturing process for its corrosion resistance and lightweight. Beska prides itself on supplying you with a broad range of high-precision aluminum extrusions. For aluminum extrusions with high-precision machining, the Beska team can provide you with CNC machining and EDM machining. If you need any guidance from a custom manufacturer in China, we would like to assist your aluminum extrusion project.

Why Choose Beska for Aluminum Extrusion? (3)

  • Custom Aluminum Extrusion

    There are a series of state-of-art machines to make high-volume aluminum extrusions with a length of more than 5 meters.

  • Fast Lead Time-Aluminum Extrusion

    At Beska, there is a complete and efficient manufacturing system to ensure you get fast feedback within 2 hours and get your aluminum extrusions according to the scheduled time.

  • Well-experienced-Aluminum Extrusion

    At Beska, there are professional engineers with more than 10+ years of experience. We offer turnkey solutions and engineering suggestions if you need them.

Aluminum Extrusions

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Related Processing that Beska Offers (3)

  • Plastic Extrusion

    Plastic is also one of the materials suitable for extruded parts. Compared to injection molding, we can manufacture a large number of plastic extruded parts at less cost.

  • Prototype CNC Milling

    CNC machining is a precision processing method that we often apply to make low-volume prototypes. If there are some holes to be machined precisely on the aluminum extrusions, CNC machining would be an ideal choice to do that.

  • EDM Machining for Aluminum Extrusions

    It is also one type of high-precision machining technique. It uses electricity to remove the extra materials if you want to get short-run aluminum extrusions.

Beska’s Workshop

Surface Treatment for Prototype CNC Machining Parts

At Beska, the popular surface finishes for aluminum extrusions are powder coating, painting, and anodizing. These surface treatments can further protect or improve the performance of aluminum extrusions.

Quality Checking for Custom CNC Machining Parts

There are multiple quality checks on the finished parts, which can ensure the quality of your project. The advanced checking equipment the Beska team has are CMM, height gauge, projector, vernier caliper, etc. Alongside that, we will do regular maintenance on them to further ensure the checking accuracy.

Packaging for Prototype CNC Machining Parts

At Beska, the packaging is also customizable. We create the parts according to your requirements. The wooden box is commonly applied to pack the heavy parts.

What Is Aluminum Extrusion Process?

Aluminum extrusion includes
both direct and indirect methods. It is done by passing a piece of metal through a die opening with a smaller cross-sectional area. The finished products have complex cross-section and surface finish products.

The difference between direct and indirect aluminum extrusion is the movement of the die and billet. The die head of the former remains stationary, and the aluminum billet in a moving state directly rushes through the die head. The latter is the opposite.

Aluminum Extrusion Process
Why Aluminum Extrusion
Why Aluminium Is Used for Extrusion?

What makes aluminum the material of choice for extrusions? This is because of the many excellent properties that aluminum possesses.

  • Strength and flexibility. It enables extruded aluminum parts especially suitable for some car parts that need to withstand pressure.
  • Anti-corrosion. Aluminum is a metal with natural corrosion resistance. 
  • Thermal conductivity. It makes aluminum particularly suitable for making heat exchanger-like components.
  • Cost-effective. Aluminum extrusion is a cost-effective option if you choose mass production. Compared to other production tools, dies of extrusion are less expensive.
Is Extruded Aluminum Stronger Than Steel?

In terms of hardness, the steel is indeed harder than aluminum. Meanwhile, extruded aluminum is much lighter than steel and it has better weight-to-strength ratio.


How Thick Can You Extrude Aluminum?

The wall thickness of aluminum extrusions we made depends on your design work and the materials you choose. In general, the minimum wall thickness of our aluminum extrusions is around ±0.7mm.

What Grade Aluminium Alloys Are Used for Extrusions?

At Beska, the common aluminum alloys used for extrusions are alloy 6063, 6005, and 6463.


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