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Aluminum Machining Services

We specialize in providing high-quality aluminum CNC machining services to a wide range of industries. Our team of experienced machinists uses 3/4/5 axis CNC machines to ensure precision and quality of aluminum parts and profiles in every project.

Aluminum CNC Machining Capability (3)

  • CNC Turning-Prototyping

    We work with various aluminum alloys, including but not limited to:

    6061 Aluminum; 7075 Aluminum; 2024 Aluminum; 5052 Aluminum

  • Prototype CNC Turning

    3&4&5 axis CNC machining; High-speed CNC milling; CNC turning and lathe; Precision surface grinding; Tolerance as tight as ±0.001 inches.

  • CNC Turning-Machining Service

    There is an array of industries that we work with: Aerospace, automotive, medical, electronics, industrial equipment, defense, and so on.

Product Gallery

Aluminum is one of the most popular materials for machining because of its excellent engineering properties. We apply all kinds of aluminum machined parts for various industries.

Aluminum Machined Parts & Profiles Used in Different Industries (4)

Common Surface Treatments (4)

  • Metal Machined Samples

    Anodizing adds an anti-corrosion layer on the surface of the aluminum parts. Besides, you can choose any color for the parts.

  • Metal Machined Samples

    It’s also a surface finish to prevent the CNC aluminum parts from corrosion and scraches. What makes it different is that we paint and bake these parts.

  • Metal Machined Samples

    Sanding can remove the extra material from the metal parts. Polishing is a further step to making them with a smooth and shiny surface.

  • Metal Machined Samples

    After CNC machining, there are some tiny scatches on the aluminum parts caused by cutters. Bead blasting will make the turned parts of a matte and smooth surface.

The Advantages of Aluminum CNC Machining Parts (3)

  • Quality Checking for Custom CNC Machined Parts

    Accroding to the clients’ specification, we can create the aluminum parts with the tolerance within ±0.oo2~±0.008mm.

  • High-efficiency-CNC Turning

    By using the  20 sets of CNC lathe, we are fully capable of surportting your CNC turning project with high efficiency(within 3 days)

  • Customizable-CNC Turning

    The Beska team applies CNC turning for prototyping and manufacturing as to the 3D files and  requirements from the clients. That’s why our CNC turning service is customizable.

Beska’s Workshop

Surface Treatment for Prototype CNC Machining Parts

At Beska, we get our own surface finish workshop to offer you one-stop CNC manufacturing service to save your time and cost.

Quality Checking for Custom CNC Machining Parts

There are multiple quality checking on the machined parts, which can ensure the quality of your machining project.

Packaging for Prototype CNC Machining Parts

At Beska, packaging is also customizable. We customize the packaging according to your requirements. Wooden and carton boxes are two common packaging ways for aluminum machined parts.

Why Should You Choose Beska for Aluminum CNC Machining?

How Do We Ensure the Precision of Aluminum CNC Machining Parts?
Quality Checking for the Finished Aluminum Machined Parts

There are multiple quality checks on the finished aluminum CNC machined parts, which can ensure the quality of your metal machining project. The common quality checking equipment we use are CMM, height gauge, projector, vernier caliper, etc. After checking, we will do regular maintenance on them to ensure their accuracy.

Quality Checking for Prototype CNC Machining
Cutters for Prototype CNC Machining
The Common Materials Beska Often Uses
Plastic and Metal Materials

According to the hardness of different materials, we will customize the cutters to process the material.

At Beska, there is an array of materials used for creating CNC machining parts:Aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, inconel, monel, nylon, PEEK, PC, HDPE, etc. We are committed to becoming your one-stop machining parts manufacturer.

What Types of Aluminum Alloys Are Suitable for CNC Machining?

Aluminum alloys that are commonly used in CNC machining include 6061, 7075, and 2024. These alloys have good machinability, strength, and corrosion resistance.

What Is the Lead Time for Aluminum CNC Machining?

The lead time for aluminum CNC machining depends on several factors such as the complexity of the part, the quantity of parts required, and the workload of the CNC machine shop. Generally, lead times can range from a few days to several weeks.

What Surface Finishes Can Be Achieved with Aluminum CNC Machining?

Various surface finishes are available for aluminum machined parts, including painting, polishing, textured, anodized, electroplating, etc.

What Are the Tolerances That Can Be Achieved with Aluminum CNC Machining?

It depends on various factors such as the type of machining process, the complexity of the part, and the quality of the machine. However, generally, tolerances of ±0.01 inches or better can be achieved.

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