Top 7 3D Printing Services in Germany

Are you looking to elevate your 3D printing business with Germany’s modern technology? This country’s expertise in 3D printing offers great opportunities for businesses aiming to excel in innovation.

With years of expertise in 3D printing technologies, I provide insights grounded in industry experience and a deep understanding of how these services can transform your business.

Whether you are a distributor or an owner of a small enterprise, this guide highlights the top 7 3D printing services in Germany, each selected for their exceptional capabilities.

Expect a thorough review and discover how each service stands out, their technological prowess, and which might best suit your specific business needs.

Keep reading to find out!

1. EOS GmbH- Best for Sustainable Practices

Country & City: Germany, Krailling

Established Date: 1989

EOS GmbH has emerged as a leader in additive manufacturing, prioritizing sustainable practices and innovative solutions. With a history of pioneering industrial 3D printing of metals and plastics, they have continually pushed the boundaries of technology. Their leadership team emphasizes comprehensive service, including consultation and training, reflecting their commitment to customer success.

Key Services: 3D Printing and Comprehensive Consulting

Takeaway Note:

EOS GmbH is ideal for businesses prioritizing sustainability and innovation in manufacturing, due to their holistic approach and emphasis on responsible practices. However, smaller enterprises might find their advanced technology and scale of operations challenging to integrate effectively. So its better to look for another one.

2. SLM Solutions- Best for High End Brands

Country & City: Germany, Lubeck

Established Date: N/A

SLM Solutions stands at the forefront of metal additive manufacturing technology, specializing in the selective laser melting process. Their commitment to innovation is demonstrated through continuous advancements in their technology and solutions. On top of that, the company fosters a culture of collaboration, utilizing global engineering facilities to advance metal projects.

Key Services: 3D Printing and Metal Additive Manufacturing Systems

Takeaway Note:

SLM Solutions is best suited for companies looking to innovate and scale in metal additive manufacturing, benefiting from their advanced systems and global support. However, the specificity of their technology may not cater to businesses needing broader, less specialized manufacturing solutions.

3. GE Additive- Best for Innovation

Country & City: Germany, Lichtenfels

Established Date: N/A

GE Additive is renowned for leading the way in metal additive design and manufacturing. Their mission is to transform businesses through innovative additive solutions, supported by the world’s largest team of additive experts. To be honest, I have no doubt that the company has garnered multiple awards for their contributions to the industry, emphasizing a commitment to improving manufacturing outcomes.

Key Services: Manufacturing of Metal Additive and 3D Printing

Takeaway Note:

GE Additive serves as the go-to choice for businesses looking to leverage comprehensive, expert-backed additive manufacturing capabilities. However, the premium nature of their offerings may not be as accessible for smaller entities or those with limited budgets for additive technology.

4. Voxeljet- Best for Large-Scale Customization

Country & City: Germany, Friedberg

Established Date: N/A

Voxeljet is recognized globally for its significant contributions to large-scale customization in industrial manufacturing. The company has honed its expertise in developing advanced binder-jet printing systems that integrate seamlessly into automated production environments. The awards and recognitions accumulated by them underscore their leadership in this innovative sector. And I guess, they deserved it right?

Key Services: 3D Printing Systems and Automated Production Environments

Takeaway Note:

Voxeljet is ideally suited for enterprises that require large-scale, efficient customization solutions in industrial settings, providing significant advantages in scale and production integration. However, their specialized focus may not be as beneficial for businesses seeking more versatile, small-scale manufacturing options.

5. EnvisionTec- Best for High-Precision Applications

Country & City: Germany, Gladbeck

Established Date: 2002

EnvisionTec is driven by their original invention of Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology. With a commitment to extreme accuracy and surface finish, the company is a leader in healthcare, dental, and medical industries. Their extensive patent portfolio supports a broad range of resins, enhancing their advanced precision printer capabilities.

Key Services: 3D Printing and Resin Range

Takeaway Note:

EnvisionTec is best suited for industries such as healthcare, where precision and high-quality surface finishes are paramount. However, please remember that their specialized focus on high-precision polymers might limit their appeal to sectors requiring more robust, metal-based additive manufacturing solutions.

6. Kumovis- Best for Tailored Medical Solutions

Country & City: Germany, Munich

Established Date: N/A

Kumovis excels in integrating 3D printing technology with medical product manufacturing, offering tailored solutions that enhance patient care. I am amazed while researching knowing that their unique filament 3D printer, the Kumovis R1, features an integrated clean room, setting new standards in the medical additive manufacturing field. Wow!

Key Services: 3D Printing and Regulatory Planning

Takeaway Note:

Kumovis is the optimal choice for medical device manufacturers and hospitals looking for precise, patient-specific manufacturing solutions. However, their specialized technology and focus on medical-grade polymers may not align with the broader manufacturing needs of industries outside healthcare.

7. Nanoscribe- Best for Microscale Innovation

Country & City: Germany, Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen

Established Date: N/A

Nanoscribe sets the benchmark in high-precision additive manufacturing, specializing in Two-photon Polymerization Technology. Their leadership is evidenced by significant investments in R&D, ensuring they remain at the cutting edge of microfabrication. Apart from it, the company’s comprehensive approach inspires and enables groundbreaking applications across various sectors.

Key Services: Digital Printing and Two-Photon Polymerization Technology

Takeaway Note:

Nanoscribe is ideal for sectors requiring ultra-precise microfabrication capabilities, such as photonics and biomedical engineering. However, the highly specialized nature of their technology may not be suitable for industries in need of larger-scale, less intricate additive manufacturing solutions.

3 Tips to Consider When Choosing 3D Printing Services in Germany

The market size of 3D printing services is continuously expanding. As a matter of fact, it was expected to reach a CAGR of 23.5% from 2024 to 2030, as per Grand View Research. With this growth, selecting the right printing services is crucial for your businesses. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Orders of over 10,000 units: When you need over 10,000 units from a metal fabricator, make sure they can handle big orders without lowering their quality. Check their history by asking where they’ve successfully managed large orders before. For example, if a fabricator has regularly made 15,000 high-quality parts every month, they should be able to meet your needs too.
  • SLS and SLA Printing Technologies: When searching for a service provider, ensure they offer both Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and Stereolithography (SLA) printing technologies. For example, if your project requires parts with intricate patterns or precise dimensions, these methods are particularly effective in delivering high precision and intricate details in complex designs.
  • Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF): Look for a provider that uses Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF) in their printing process. It uses thermal energy and a fusing agent to create highly precise detailed parts and resolution.

Here’s a table highlighting key information about providers that use Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF) in their printing processes:

Provider Name Location Industries Served Key Strengths Additional Services
Alpha 3D Printing San Diego, USA Automotive, Aerospace Rapid prototyping, high detail Post-processing, design support
BetaPrint Technologies London, UK Healthcare, Consumer Goods Biocompatible materials Consultation, rapid delivery
Gamma Prototypes Melbourne, AUS Engineering, Electronics Durable components, high speed Assembly services, testing
Delta Layer Tech Toronto, CAN Sports, Fashion Custom colors, aesthetic parts 3D scanning, material selection
Epsilon 3D Solutions Singapore Architecture, Design Large scale models, fine detail Project management, simulation


Struggling to Find a Trusted 3D Printing Services in Germany?

Finding a reliable 3D printing service in Germany can be challenging, especially when considering the vast array of options and the critical nature of precise, high-quality results. Many businesses also look towards the USA, recognizing the potential benefits of international partnerships that combine German engineering precision with American innovation and scalability.

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Choosing the right 3D printing service is vital for meeting your manufacturing goals and maintaining high-quality standards. This guide has offered detailed insights into the top 7 3D printing services in Germany, helping you determine which services best fit your specific requirements. Your selection will significantly influence the efficiency and success of your business operations.

We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights into selecting a top-tier 3D printing service. If you are a business owner looking for consistency and quality in 3D printing services outside in Germany, consider Beska as your partner. Our services are designed to streamline your production process and setting you ahead in the competitive market. For more details, please contact us today!

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